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We offer high quality sparkler products that can be used for many different occasions. We stand behind the quality of each sparkler we provide because we only stock the best sparkler brands in the UK.

We provide sparklers that have the ideal brightness and sparklers that don’t produce too much smoke. One of the things that make our sparklers different is the duration of the sparkler effect. They burn for minutes, so you can use this time to take some incredible photos that everyone around you will love.

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Types of Sparklers

If you are looking to buy sparklers, we have many different sparklers for sale in our store and this is the reason why we have separated them into different categories. You can see below the different type of sparklers available to give you the effect you are looking for.

Assorted Sparklers

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Different Size Sparklers

We have every single sparkler size available for you to buy for any occasion. 

Try our cute mini sparklers that last around 25 seconds which are great for cakes or maybe you just need regular sparklers or medium sparklers for a party.

If your getting married and want to do things in style then why not give all your guests large sparklers for your wedding exit or even take pictures for your wedding shoot using the long sparklers which are same as the big sparklers because they last around 1 minute 45 seconds.

You can see below the different sparklers sizes, if your still not sure you can buy our sample pack of sparklers.


18 Inch Sparklers

The biggest sparklers in the UK

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4 Inch Sparklers

Mini Sparklers

7 Inch Sparklers

Small Sparklers

10 Inch Sparklers

Regular Sparklers

14 Inch Sparklers

Medium Sparklers

16 Inch Sparklers

Large Sparklers 

Best Sparklers with Best Service!

The truth is that there are many sparklers suppliers on the market, so you may be wondering why sparklers.co.uk is the best option. We can assure you that there is more than one good reason for that!

First of all, we provide unique products from reputable sparkler manufacturers like Brothers SparklersBenwell SparklersRoyal Party SparklersBright Star SparklersBritish Bulldog SparklersNight Star SparklersScorpion Sparklers and the best till last Standard Sparklers.

Another reason why you should use our company to order sparklers is the fact that each sparkler in our offer comes with the best price you can find on the market. We are here to develop long term relationships with our clients because we know that once they try these products they will be back for more. Please see what some of our customer have to say about us in our testimonial.

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