Best Fireworks

Best fireworks for the best celebrations

It doesn’t really matter if you are celebrating a New Year’s Eve, Guy Fawkes Day or you are just having a birthday party, fireworks will certainly make these special moments more spectacular. Although many people like to say that fireworks are interesting only to kids, the fact is that the best fireworks can grab the attention of adults too. Modern fireworks come in various colours and shapes, so you will have a lot of choices. However, if you are looking for the best fireworks, make sure to do your homework.

Choosing the best fireworks

One of the first things that you should do is to check whether the fireworks comply with certain standards. Since we are talking about fireworks that are going to be used in the UK, look whether they have label claiming that they comply with the BS7114 (British Standard). You can find this number on the box/package and this is a sign that the fireworks you are using are following certain safety standards.  Of course, some non-compliant products can still produce good effects without any problems, but if you opt for fireworks like this, be sure to conduct more thorough research.

Most experts separate fireworks in four different categories. The first category is reserved for fireworks that are used indoors. The fourth category is used by professionals that are hired to install and manage a professional firework display. The ones that are usually found online and in stores selling fireworks and sparklers are part of the second and third category. When we talk about best fireworks, we can’t say that the category determines their quality because these fireworks are used in different situations.

The second category of fireworks is characterized by the limited amount of time needed for the burning of the fuse. They have fuses that burn in a period between 3 and 13 seconds. In order to stay safe, you must watch the display from five (or more) metres away. The third category of fireworks has fuses that are burning from more than 5 and less than 15 seconds. This time, you must view the display from a safe distance of at least 25 metres. Some of these fireworks have specific debris areas, but you can check this on the label. The second category of fireworks is the most popular and most used one and these fireworks can easily be found in local supermarkets, stores and even newsagents. The third category of fireworks consists of fireworks that are a little bit bigger and they can be found in more specialized stores. The fact is that all categories of fireworks can be found online. Finally, if you are trying to determine the quality of fireworks and their ability to produce a spectacular and long-lasting display, it is better to check their weight.

Where to buy the best fireworks in the UK?

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