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Firework Mines

Firework Mines for a powerful firework display

Without any doubts, people who are organizing parties, celebrations or other special occasions are doing their best to organize an event that will be remembered for a long time. Sometimes, small things like firework displays can help them achieve that. The fireworks are not a new invention, but the different solutions and options made available by some of the best firework companies can certainly make things more interesting and exciting in any event. If you want to witness a powerful firework display – choose firework mines.

What are firework mines and why people use them?

As already mentioned, the range of different fireworks is really impressive. What makes firework mines special is the way they show their content. Instead of waiting for different displays, they release everything at once in some sort of explosion. Fountain fireworks or candle fireworks provide a display that develops gradually. On the other hand, firework mines have only one tube in which the different content is packed freely. They come with a fuse and once this fuse is ignited the blast literally shoots the materials into the air. So, besides witnessing a powerful display, the viewers will also be surprised by the abrupt explosion. These are ground fireworks that can create sparks and flames on very low level or high levels (dozens of feet).

What is even better about them is that are several subtypes. For instance, there are so-called mortar mines. As the name suggests, they are packed in a bag and inserted into a mortar tube. With the help of the fuse, you will be able to detonate the mortar mine. The only downside of this type of firework is the relatively short-lasting display. Typically, the show is over in about five seconds. But, if it is placed in the right way and at the right location, the performance of these fireworks cannot be matched by any other pyrotechnic product.

In the recent period, some people use a combination of fountain and mine fireworks. When the fuse is turned on and reaches the tube, the firework begins to produce effects typical for fountain fireworks and ends with a spectacular performance found in fireworks mines. In other words, these fireworks use the best of both worlds. These fireworks are inexpensive.

Now let’s summarize the reasons why someone would want to use firework mines. To start with, they are very strong. The display they create is memorable although they don’t last too much time. Additionally, in most cases, you can expect one effect. Finally, if you want to extend the time of display you can use a fountain firework mine.

Buying Firework Mines

Firework mines come in different colours, sizes and styles. If you are looking for the best selection, use our website. We have selected the best firework mines in the UK, produced by true professionals in this field. Every firework we sell comes from reputable companies with years of experience. We know how important it is to use a high-quality and safe firework mine on your event.