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Bangers Fireworks

Bangers fireworks the best place to buy firework of your choice

Bangers firework is the company the hallmark that sells firework. It is as old as 1990, before this era this company was at its peak and boom. But as the cases of crime, terrorism increased it started to get banned and now you will hardly see this company in the UK, but it is still in use in France and Spain. On holy events and on huge celebrations the sale of this cracker excels like anything else. And people enjoy their festival with the spark of these crackers.

It is originally a Chinese company, which distributes these throughout the world.

Bangers Fireworks Method of use:

The firework consists of a simple paper rolled in the form of a tube, which is filled with gunpowder and has a fusion on the top to close and avoid spillage and waste of the powder. The bangers are simply lit at the thread and then thrown away from the person who lit it, then after few minutes as the spark reaches the powder it catches fire and then blasts and produce a loud bang sound. The reason why they got banned had lots of reasons, it not only cause injury and harm but also they are thrown away intestinally which could cause injury and harm to anyone. The other reason is it also makes youngster and children lose and wastes their pocket money.

Laws for Bangers fireworks:

Till 2006 the laws on firework was not very clear in Ireland. As we all know much serious accident took place with its use. Firework can only be used if you have a license and the person using it is and selling it both should have a license.

Laws say if a firework is igniting they should be exploded on the spot and not thrown away. If the firework is thrown to someone's property or at someone then you will be offended and will be guilty. Imprisonment is also possible for six months or more.

In short, a firework should be used with safety protocols.