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Catherine Wheel Fireworks

Catherine Wheel Fireworks promise great fun

Everybody loves to see a good firework show, but only a small number of people have knowledge of fireworks. That’s why when it comes to choosing the right type of fireworks, many people make wrong choices. What is important to understand is that there are literally dozens of different types of fireworks on the market and each of them comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. One of the types of fireworks that have significantly more pros than downsides are the Catherine Wheel Fireworks and we will now help you learn more about them.

An introduction to Catherine wheel fireworks

Catherine wheel fireworks have a very interesting history. There are many people who are wondering how they got their names, so we will highlight a short version of the story. St. Catherine of Alexandria lived in the 4th century AD and because of her faith, she was imprisoned and later tortured. Her tormentors have used a wheel in order to increase her suffering. This special device became known as Catherine wheel – a fast spinning wheel device.

When we talk about Catherine wheel fireworks or simply wheel fireworks as most people call them, the wheel is constructed from plastic disc or card disc and contain a certain number of gerbs or thrusters that look like rockers attached on the disc. Not all of these rockets are ignited at the same time. So, when the first one goes off at starts producing thrust and sparks it starts spinning the wheel. If there are more of these thrusters you can expect faster movement.

What is even better, there are huge wheels that come with different effects that depend on the gerb that goes off at the moment. For instance, the wheel can accelerate and slow down a little bit. In addition, there are many different colours used in each gerb – silver, gold, green, red, blue etc. On the other hand, some of these Catherine wheel fireworks also produce noises that make the situation even more interesting.

It is also good to know that there are small pinwheels that work in a different way. They have tubes in the centre of the disc and the spinning is based on the thrust from the centre of the device. They are a little bit slower, but they are still attractive.

Catherine wheel fireworks are regularly present on Guy Fawkes celebration and in most cases, they are carefully mounted on posts. When this firework finally goes off, it makes a ring of colourful sparks.

Purchasing Catherine Wheel Fireworks

Many experts claim that the price is not an important indicator of the quality of these fireworks. It is easy to find relatively cheap Catherine wheel fireworks that provide long and effective displays. So, it is better to focus on their properties and the manufacturer. If you want to save some money and be sure that you are buying Catherine wheel fireworks with good quality, feel free to make an order via our website Sparklers.co.uk.