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Bright Star Sparklers – brighten up your next party

For many people, buying sparklers is the easiest task because they pick the first offer they find. But, this is wrong because each sparkler has its own qualities and not all brands are equal. So, it is very likely that your celebration will be ruined or at least less exciting if you opt for cheap and low-quality sparklers. If you want to stay safe and get the most from your sparklers choose an established brand name like Bright Star Sparklers. With a Bright Star sparkler on your party or special event, you can rest assured that you and the guests will be perfectly safe and have a lot of fun.

Why Bright Star Sparklers are so attractive?

Starting a business has never been easier. People are opening companies on a daily basis and this is certainly a good thing. The more competition there is the better products and services we can expect. However, quantity doesn’t mean quality and what you need is a product made from a company with an excellent background and Bright Start is surely one of them.

Bright Star Fireworks was established in 1992 as a very small company that soon after that became one of the leaders of sparkler and fireworks manufacturing in the United Kingdom. They are based in North Yorkshire and they are working for dozens of companies from the UK and abroad. People who have some experience in sparklers surely know this brand name.

When we talk about Bright Star sparklers, we should point out that the quality, durability and safety are some of the first things that even beginner sparkler users will notice. The experienced manufacturers from Bright Star are doing their best and follow the latest trends which are later implemented in their products. That’s why they have sparklers that come with interesting colours, sparklers that produce various effects and sparklers in different packaging in their offer. Their range of products is growing every year. Bright Star sparklers are carefully examined and tested before they are offered on the market. is proud of the cooperation that we have with Bright Star Fireworks. The Bright Star sparklers in our offer represent the very best sparkler models from this popular brand. We can vouch for their quality and we are confident that you will be excited from the many different colours they produce.

Just like most high-quality sparklers, Bright Star sparklers come in different sizes. If you check our offer you will see that we have standard 7 to 10 inch sparklers, but we also have very large sparklers that are 18 inches long.

Where can we use Bright Star Sparklers?

Bright Star Sparklers are used everywhere, but using them on an outdoor wedding ceremony at night will probably let you experience the most from them. Many people use them for their special sparkler send off performance during the reception. Of course, Bright Star sparklers can be used on birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, special parties, celebrations and holidays.  

We have original Bright Star Sparklers in stock which come in 7 Inch, 10 Inch, 14 Inch and 18 Inch sizes and come in a Gold, Coloured and Crackling effect which will make a great Birthday and Wedding Party.

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