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100 Indoor and Outdoor Sparklers For Wedding


Wedding sparklers add that extra touch of ‘special’ to your wedding celebrations. Let us help you familiarise yourself with all the information you need about buying and using wedding sparklers.

Whilst having Sparklers at a wedding should be fun, it’s also important to be aware of a few safety pointers, so the use of them runs smoothly. After reading this article, you’ll be able to add that sparkle to your wedding celebration in a safe and effective way.

1. Are wedding sparklers dangerous?

Whilst the effect of wedding sparklers is beautiful, it’s important to respect that anything that ’s flammable, does have the potential for danger. Providing that you take steps to ensure they are used safely, the risk is minimal.

We recommend allocating one person as the “Sparkler Monitor” - their role is to make sure that the sparklers are only allocated to guests that are mature and responsible. They should also conduct regular checks to ensure that the sparklers have not been left discarded, removing the risk of children getting their hands on them unattended. 

By having a dedicated sparkler monitor in charge to ensure that common safety precautions are observed, you’ll be able to enjoy Sparklers at your wedding event in a safe manner.

2. What are wedding sparklers

You’re probably most familiar with sparklers from their use on bonfire night and New Years Eve’ - I’m sure that you’ll agree that they are a feast for the eyes, everybody loves them! Adding sparklers to a wedding event is becoming hugely popular, and with good reason. Having a stream of glowing sparklers as the happy couple exit highlights such a beautiful moment. With their growing popularity, there is now a wide range of wedding sparkler options available for couples to choose from.

3. How long are wedding sparklers

Wedding sparklers vary in size and shape. The size perfect for you relates to the number of your wedding guests and just your general preferences.

For large weddings with lots of guests, we believe the bigger the wedding sparkler the better! With so many guests, your wedding exit will be a long affair, and so selecting a sparkler from the larger range is recommended. This will assure that they are seen from afar and make a remarkable impact. The largest in the range is currently 18-inches.

For smaller weddings with a more intimate feel, you can still add the magic of sparklers, but with a more compact exit, you’ll be perfectly ok to purchase a smaller sparkler if desired - the smallest in our range start at 7-inches. 

Of course, we have many sizes in-between the two so you can select accordingly: 10-inch, 14-inch and 16-inch

4. But can smaller weddings also use big sparklers?

It’s your big day so if you want to go all out with 18-inch sparklers, then we say go for it! We think the bigger the better regardless of your wedding size, they certainly provide the biggest visual impact!  The biggest sparklers available in the UK are 18-inches and we think these large size sparklers are the perfect fit for such a special occasion.

The 18-inch Sparklers also really stand out on your wedding photography - creating beautiful and atmospheric imagery that you can treasure for a lifetime. We recommend advising your wedding photographer that you will be using sparklers for your exit so they can prepare the right focus for the photographs.

5. Do wedding sparklers expire

Yes, every brand of wedding sparkler has an expiration date. It’s best to check with your wedding sparkler supplier that they will be delivered and still have 12 months prior to the expiration date. This will allow you to order them in good time before the wedding, ensuring you receive them in time and are prepared well in advance for the big day. If you want to check the expiration date then please email sales@sparklers.co.uk before your purchase.

6. Do wedding sparklers go bad?

Providing that you keep them safely stored in a cool dry place, they will be perfect to use any time prior to the expiration date. Your sparklers should arrive in a package that is suitable for storage, but if you have some sparklers left over and want to keep them, it’s best to store them in an airtight container or just a dry place.

Remember that sparklers are flammable: so they certainly need to be kept well away from heat sources, and even just a hint of moisture can make the sparklers go bad.

Instructions highlighting these points and the exact expiry date of your wedding sparklers will be on the packaging, if not, contact your wedding sparkler supplier.


7. How many wedding sparklers should I buy

You certainly don’t want anybody feeling left out on the special day, and you’ll also want a practice run at home for peace of mind, plus some extras in case of breakages or loss.

To have all of this covered and be completely on the safe side, we recommend buying 20% more than the number of guests that you’re expecting. So for 50 guests, you would purchase 60 sparklers.

If you have any left over, you can safely store them as mentioned and use them for another special occasion or event.

8. How to light wedding sparklers

Lighting your wedding sparklers is a simple task so there shouldn’t be any glitches on your wedding day. Find somewhere that is sheltered from the wind or adverse weather conditions. Light the sparkler holding it either horizontally or with the tip ever so slightly lowered.

For safety reasons, only light one sparkler at a time and wherever possible, we recommend using our safety sparkler flares or if you have only a handful of sparklers we suggest our or sparkler safety lighter why not just buy our complete sparkler safety kit.

9. How to use wedding sparklers

Having sparklers at your wedding creates a lovely ambience and should be fun, but it’s still important to remember that they can be dangerous and following tips below will ensure that all of your guests stay safe

-Sparklers should be held by your guests, extending their arms as far as possible, but being fully aware of other people around them. In order to be aware of others, it’s important for their attention to not be entirely focused on the sparkler itself.

-The sparkler shouldn’t come into contact with anything or anybody else, so they should be kept a good safe distance away from the holders and people surrounding: face, hair, clothes and personal items.

- Of course, your guests are going to want to wave their sparkler to mark the happy couple's exit as husband and wife. The sparkler wave should be done in a very slow and controlled manner, to guarantee that it doesn’t come into contact with anybody else.

As the celebration and partying continue into the night, ensure that the sparklers are discarded by your sparkler monitor. It’s likely that there will be alcohol around, which is also flammable. Alcohol, tipsy guests and sparklers are absolutely not a safe mix!

10. How to dispose of wedding sparklers

The newlyweds have exited in style and the last of the sparklers dies out. What a wonderful evening! It’s important to have a plan to dispose of the sparklers (many weddings forget this crucial part and end up with sparklers everywhere. This is both messy and dangerous!)

There’s a simple solution that will ensure that the sparklers are collected safely and efficiently. If you strategically place two sparkler zink buckets filled with either water or sand at either side of the exit, the guests can easily use them to dispose of their sparkler on their way out. If you want to go all out, you could perhaps buy coloured sand that matches the colour scheme of the wedding!

By having these buckets, your sparkler monitor still should do a quick check to ensure that none have been left behind, but their job will be much easier. 

Please be warned though when collecting discarded sparklers, that even though dead, they can remain extremely hot for some time after they have gone out.

Once the dead sparklers have been left in the buckets of water or sand for an hour or so, they should be transferred to a plastic bag, that is tied with an airtight knot prior to disposing of.


We hope that after reading this you feel more informed and excited about the prospect of having sparklers at your wedding. Whilst there are clearly some pointers with regards to safety that need to be adhered to, providing they followed with a touch of common sense, having sparklers should be a fun and eye-catching moment of the big day.

You can check out our wide range of other sparklers here, and find the perfect option to match your style and size of the wedding.


If there any questions left unanswered or you need any assistance selecting the right wedding sparkler, do not hesitate to get in touch.