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Firework Safety

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Firework Safety Tips

Did you know that fireworks were invented in China back in the 10th century? According to some stories, a cook found out that a specific combination of saltpetre, sulphur, and charcoal is extremely flammable and can create special effects.

Festivals, birthday parties, wedding parties – these are some of the special events where people enjoy fireworks displays. When it comes to big community events, there are teams of professionals which perform these displays. They are experienced and licensed to do these kinds of activities. However, there are more and more ordinary people who want to have a fireworks display in their own backyards. This is quite natural because there are many types of fireworks that people can buy freely in specialized stores. However, many of them are not taking any safety precautions before and during the fireworks display. This is completely wrong because fireworks can become dangerous tools when they are not handled carefully.

Dozens of people across the United Kingdom are treated every year for fireworks injuries. Almost all of these incidents could’ve been prevented if people were aware of the basic firework safety rules and followed them as expected. The worst part is that many of these victims are children. Kids are attracted to the loud noise and bright colours that fireworks create, but they are not aware that these items can be dangerous. Even relatively safe fireworks like sparklers can create extreme heat that can be dangerous. However, if you are following the basic firework safety tips, you should be able to stay on the safe side and enjoy the display.

A few firework safety tips

First of all, the use of fireworks should be left only to adult persons. Kids can be reckless and the consequences of misusing fireworks can be harsh. So, don’t let your child use fireworks.

The next safety tip related to fireworks is to read labels carefully and follow the instructions. Every firework product comes with a warning label where you find the details about the safety precautions you should take. In case you have fireworks that don’t have labels, don’t use them.

Generally speaking, it’s not safe to use fireworks indoors. Only a small number of sparklers are suitable for indoor use. No matter whether we are talking about indoor or outdoor firework display, you should make sure that the spectators are standing or sitting at a safe distance from the fireworks.

It’s good to remember that in case the fireworks are unable to ignite, you should not re-ignite them. In cases like this, simply throw the fireworks away. Another thing that you should avoid is to place the face or any body part over fireworks. Finally, you should never point or throw them at another person.

Purchasing fireworks

When you want to purchase fireworks, stick to sellers that have a good reputation. This is a very important fireworks safety rule. Our online store is offering high-quality fireworks made by well-established brands. All the fireworks in our offer have labels with clear instructions.