Chinese New Year Sparklers

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Chinese New Year Sparklers – Enter the New Year With an Unforgettable Celebration

China is the birthplace of sparklers, so it is no surprise why people love to use Chinese New Year sparklers. For many centuries, these sparklers were part of the celebration. The Chinese New Year is one of the most anticipated holidays in the Chinese community all over the world and of course in China. This is an excellent occasion to see your family and friends in one place and to celebrate the New Year. By using even one Chinese New Year sparkler, you will surely make this moment even more interesting and attractive. In other words, planning an interesting and memorable occasion is not very difficult when you use certain items.

Why are Chinese New Year Sparklers a great addition to this special celebration?

Hundreds of millions of people celebrate the Chinese New year each year. The exact date for this celebration is changing every year and it is based on the lunar and solar calendar, but this date is always between the last weeks of January and the middle of February. Each year is dedicated to some of the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. The Chinese tradition is not special because of their unique New Year celebration. As previously mentioned the first fireworks including the first sparklers were invented in China. For many centuries, Chinese have kept this secret from foreigners, but at one point they have finally decided to share the method. Today, thousands of people from every corner of the world enjoy the effects of sparklers.

Chinese New Year Sparklers that are used today are much different than the ones used centuries ago. For instance, they come in many different sizes. Reputable sparkler sellers like have Chinese New year sparklers in sizes starting from 4 inches and sparklers that are even 18 inches long. This makes these small fireworks suitable for any surface. In addition, modern Chinese New Year sparklers are completely safe and produce only small amounts of smoke and odor which means that they can be used both inside and outside.

Another thing that makes Chinese New Year sparklers special is the variety of colours and shapes. It is not difficult to find multi-coloured sparklers, gold sparklers, silver sparklers etc. Since they are used in large quantities, most manufacturers produce them in pack of ten. They know that people on celebrations like this will surely want to use as many sparklers as they can on cakes, on bottles, in their hands or any other place which is suitable for the use of sparklers and where these small decorations can show their amazing effects.

The safety of Chinese New Year sparklers

In case you are looking for safe Chinese New Year sparklers then you should use sparklers designed and manufactured by well-known brands like Royal Party Sparklers, Benwell Sparklers, Bright Star Sparklers  etc. The easiest and most cost effective way to purchase these sparklers is over the Internet. is a company that provides fast delivery of Chinese New Year sparklers and other types of sparklers in the UK.