Coloured Sparklers

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Coloured sparklers – Experience the beauty of colours in a unique way.  

There are many events and celebrations that call for sparklers. Birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, Guy Fawkes Day, New Year’s Eve and graduations are certainly some of the occasions where sparklers can spice up things. But, if you really want to prepare something special for the next event of this kind, you should definitely consider using coloured sparklers. As the name suggests each coloured sparkler comes in a different colour and you are free to use combinations if you want to.

What everyone should know about coloured sparklers

Sparklers are a special type of firework that burns very slowly and emits coloured sparks and flames at the same time. They have been used for many centuries, but it seems that they have reached global popularity in the past few years. The number of people who are using this hand-held firework is constantly growing because they have all realised that sparklers are a great addition to any event and bring joy to the hearts of all the people who are part of these events. They will surely have a vivid memory after they see all these sparklers around them. Regardless of the type of event we are talking about – anniversary, wedding, birthday – sparklers have the ability to beautify every event. Sparklers are an original and special decoration that blends in very well in every setting. In case you have started your quest for the right sparklers for your event, you have probably found out that there are many different sparklers on the market. They differ in their styles and size and what makes them even more special is that they also have different colours, an option that we couldn’t use in the past.

Coloured sparklers produce sparkles and flames in different colours. Gold, silver, blue, white, yellow, red are some of the colours that you can find in modern sparklers. Each colour symbolises different things, so if you are a type of person that follows these traditions, you should be careful about the colours you choose. In addition, you should also consider the overall appearance of the place where the event will take place and find colours that suit the place. The people who will attend the event might belong to certain category of people that can find specific colours more interesting. Finally, if you are not sure what colour you should use, you can also use rainbow sparklers.

Coloured sparklers are very easy to use. If you have never tried to use a sparkler, you should know that there is no special preparation for this activity – simply hold it right (or place it where you want) and light the sparkler. You can place them on cakes, on tables, on any other suitable surface and hold them in your hand.

Purchasing coloured sparklers

Now that you know how great coloured sparklers can be it is time to buy some. The simplest and most convenient way to buy these sparklers is over the Internet. Buying sparklers online can save you time and money.

We have a great range of coloured sparklers in stock. A lovely rainbow effect with red, blue, green and purple flares.  Our colour sparklers come in 10 inch, 14 inch and 18 inch sizes which are a great for wedding and birthday party`s.

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