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Use long sparklers for a long-lasting excitement!  

In case you have some experience with sparklers, then you probably know that the market is full of sparklers that are featuring different colours, lengths, shapes and styles. In the last few years, long sparklers are becoming very attractive for all categories of potential sparkler users. A long sparkler can be used for extending the time of joy that these items bring, but they can also provide many other benefits. This means that these long lasting sparklers are built to defy time, but this not everything they have to offer.

An introduction to long sparklers

It was much easier for the people in the past to choose a sparkler because they had only a limited number of options. But, thanks to the fast progress of technology, sparkler fans can select a sparkler that can meet all their needs and requirements. This offer includes the aforementioned long sparklers. In order to understand the gradation of sparklers we will say that the typical size of sparklers is somewhere between 7 and 10 inches. In other words, every sparkler that is more than 16 inches long can freely be called a long sparkler. Although established manufacturers promise long lasting fun with all of their sparklers, the fact is that long sparklers can extend the time of the effects produced by these sparklers. If you opt for these sparklers you can expect to enjoy their performance for at least few minutes.

Just like the rest of the sparklers on the market, they come in different colours, shapes and patterns. Obviously, you can pick the ones that you like the most, but it is a better idea to think about the overall ambience in the place where you will use them. There are certain events where people use certain themes and you must find matching colours for these events. There are many people who are wondering where they can use these long sparklers. In order to clear these dilemmas we will mention some of the events and occasion where long sparklers will enrich the attendees’ experience.

Long sparklers can be used on every special event. For instance, if you are organizing a wedding ceremony, these sparklers can be used during the reception period, close to the cake and they can also be held by the guests. What is special about them is that there is no need to buy large quantities because they can provide the same effects as two standard or 5 mini-sized sparklers. In addition, there are people who have found these sparklers very useful on their birthday parties. Although they are very long they can be used on top of the cake or close to it.

What is also good to mention is that despite their length, they are completely safe. They also don’t produce any odor or smoke.

Selecting the best long sparkler

The fact is that there are dozens of national and international sparkler suppliers who have long sparklers in their offer. Those who don’t want to take any risks should stick to established companies who supply sparklers from well-known brands. Sparklers.co.uk is surely one of these companies.   

We have a great selection of Long Sparklers and extra long sparklers which are great for weddings and birthday parties. They come in long stems which give a long burn time. These 16 inch and 18 Inch sparklers can be bought at bulk In the UK for further discount.

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