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I am using Sparklers.co.uk for quite some time now. They sell a wide range of sparklers at great prices and they are much cheaper that the rest of the online sparkler sellers.

What I like the most about Sparklers.co.uk is the well-organized interface on their website. I can easily find the type of sparkler I want. Two weeks ago I’ve bought heart-shaped sparklers for my son’s birthday and he was delighted. The sparklers emitted sparkles for few minutes and we didn’t need to open all the windows and doors in our home in order to get rid of the smell. They were practically odorless. I will highly recommend Sparklers.co.uk to any person that is looking for high-quality sparklers from popular brands.



One week ago, I and my husband decided to buy birthday cake sparklers from Sparklers.co.uk. We didn’t expect much from these sparklers because they are not expensive, but it turned out that they were the main attraction on our five year old daughter’s birthday party. Both she and her friends were surprised by the different colours that were spread from these sparklers. They didn’t create any smoke and we can’t tell you about the smell because it was an outside event. Now, all the adults that were present at the party are asking where they can get them.



We have used Sparklers.co.uk to order wedding sparklers for our wedding because we wanted something more than the usual plain wedding cake candles. They have sparkled great. We have expected some damage on the cake, but we were surprised that the cake was as good as new. We have used standard 6 inch sparklers and now we are sorry that we didn’t use some of the large ones because they would have certainly spiced up the party even more.

Nick and Kathy


I was looking for sparklers for some time when a friend of mine recommended Sparklers.co.uk. Now, I can say that I am glad that I have followed his advice. The sparklers that I have ordered (mini sparklers) were delivered in a record time. They were in a perfect condition and matched the description. The effects they have produced have made my party more vibrant and I had the chance to place them all over the venue. I really like the fact that they didn’t cause any problems because I’ve heard some stories about accidents related to these items, but they are certainly related to low-quality sparklers.



My name is Peter and I work as a wedding planner. Since I have realized that sparklers can be a great addition to any wedding, I have started looking for a reliable sparkler seller and this is how I’ve found Sparkler.co.uk. I can say that these guys are true professionals. The delivery is never late, they provide only the finest sparklers on the market and on top of that, the prices seem to be the lowest on the market. If you are looking for the best sparklers, look no further.



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