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Firework Cakes

Standard - Bronze Selection Firework Box (21 SET)


Black Cat - Firebrand Firework (50 Shots)


Standard - Celebrate Firework (68 Shots)


Standard - Gold Selection Firework Box (29 SET)


Standard - Reckoning 8 Firework Pack


Standard Black Cat - Celebration 5 Firework Pack (360 Shots)


Standard - Silver Selection Firework Box (25 SET)


Standard - Pendulum Firework (80 Shots)


Standard - The Happy Couple Firework (72 Shots)


Firework cakes – Fun form of fireworks for ultimate excitement

According to many surveys, one of the things that people who have attended some celebration or festival have remembered the most was the firework display. Without any doubts, fireworks can produce some incredible moments for the people that are part of some party or celebration. Modern technology has allowed manufacturers to come up with a huge range of fireworks. There are fireworks that produce different effects and sounds. Their design and the materials used in them contribute to the effects they produce. Many people agree that firework cakes are some of the best forms of this device.

An introduction to firework cakes

Experienced sellers can confirm that cakes are among the most popular fireworks used in pyrotechnic displays. They are made from several cardboard tubes that are attached to each other. Typically, every tube is packed with one shot, but the user doesn’t have to ignite each tube separately because they are linked with a fuse found inside the cake. So, when the firework cake is ignited, the fuse does the entire job automatically. Each box releases it shot and the display continues gradually. Every firework cake comes with a certain number of shots that are usually included in its name. There are 20-shot cakes or even 50-shot cakes. The more shot it has the longer you will witness the magic of fireworks.

These are not hand-held fireworks. They must be placed on the ground, but this doesn’t limit their effects to the ground only. Some of them can produce shots high in the sky. What makes firework cakes interesting is the fact that they can create dozens of different effects, colours and they last for a different period of time. There are also cakes that are almost soundless while others are very noisy. There are firework cakes that start with the display as soon as they live the tube while others wait until the shot reaches the sky. It is also good to mention that in case you’ve heard about Roman candle fireworks, these cakes are almost the same, but they consist of series of roman candles glued together.

If we take the financial aspect into consideration we will soon realize that this is the most affordable option given the number of effects these devices produce. Firework cakes are ideal for events where organizers want to reveal a long-lasting firework display that produces different effects.

Firework cakes usually last for 30 seconds, but these effects are closely related to the size of the cake. There are cakes that last longer than a minute. As we said, the more shot it has the longer it will last. However, it is good to know that some firework cakes that have a huge number of shots produce very small effects, so be careful.

Purchasing quality firework cakes

If you want to avoid low-quality firework cakes, you can always use our website. The firework cakes in our offer are carefully chosen and you can rest assured that they will last long, produce fantastic effects and keep everyone safe.