Indoor Fireworks

Indoor fireworks – who says that you can’t have fun with fireworks in closed space?

The first fireworks were introduced more than 15 centuries ago. They were used on outdoor festivals by people in China. The magnificent display has popularized these items around the globe. During all these centuries, fireworks have evolved and today we have many high-quality fireworks that can be used in many different ways and places. However, there are still people who avoid fireworks when it comes to indoor events, but these people don’t know that there are special indoor fireworks designed exactly for this purpose.

Indoor fireworks – a short guide

If you remember the fireworks that were used about 3 or 4 decades ago inside buildings, you probably remember that they were fun, but they also produced too much smoke and they made the tables and clothes dirty. In addition, when authorities started measuring pollution more seriously, they have actually banned some of these fireworks for indoor use because they represented hazard to human health.

Now, years after these unfortunate events, indoor fireworks are back in the game. There are many reputable manufacturers that have decided to make some changes in these devices and create superior indoor fireworks that follow all standards and provide great show. Indoor fireworks come in small or big packages just like they were used before. While it is true that some of the effects associated with indoor fireworks in the past are gone, it is also true that there are some new effects that were not available before.

Many people say that indoor fireworks can’t match the performance of outdoor fireworks and they might be right, but they still have the ability to make the atmosphere better in any closed space. While we are talking about safety, we must say that the indoor fireworks found in our offer are perfectly safe; however users must stick to the recommendations and avoid igniting too many fireworks in small rooms at once. Although they don’t produce much smoke and almost no odour, when they are used at once they can cause negative effects.

The favorite type of indoor fireworks is the fountain. Unlike outdoor devices, these fireworks don’t shoot flaming compounds. They are ice fountains that don’t release hot sparks – just fumes and flames that look interesting. They are usually 4-inches long, but you can find larger sizes too. The plume of sparks they create lasts for about one minute.

Don’t forget that you can use indoor fireworks that come in different colours and produce different effects. Of course, it is not recommended to use devices that produce sounds/noise because the sounds may sound horrible indoors.

Finding the best indoor fireworks

Let’s be clear – there are dozens of suppliers of indoor fireworks that operate in the UK. If you want to avoid any hassles and problems – use our website. We have picked the best models of indoor fireworks from established manufacturers and it is up to you to find the ones that suit your event the best.

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