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Brothers Sparklers

Pack Of 4 Brothers – 18” Inch Coloured Mega Aces Big Sparklers


Pack Of 4 Brothers – 18” Inch Mega Aces Big Sparklers


Pack Of 5 Brothers – 10” Inch Aces Regular Sparklers


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Brothers Sparklers – Buy Sparklers From an Established Brand

People who don’t have experience with sparklers usually think that all sparklers are the same. While this belief is partially true (all sparklers have one purpose to emit sparkles), it is also true that different sparklers have different quality. If you want to avoid any unpleasant situations and if you want to get the most from your sparklers you need to choose sparklers that are produced by established brands like Brothers sparklers. A Brothers sparkler can guarantee long-lasting effects, safety and great fun.

Why choose Brothers Sparklers?

Thanks to the rapid advance of technology, there are more and more people who are interested in founding companies. The number of companies that produce sparklers and similar pyrotechnic products has increased 5 times in the past decade. However, most of them are working for a year or two before they close. Only the ones that provide true quality stay on the market.

Brothers sparklers are manufactured by Brothers Pyrotechnics Inc. a company that started producing pyrotechnics 20 years ago. Besides manufacturing they also perform research and development in the field of fireworks. They own and work with more than 60 firework facilities around the globe. This is surely one of the most famous brand names in international fireworks market.

When it comes to Brothers sparklers the first thing you will notice is their exceptional quality and safety performance. The designers from Brothers are always working on finding new inventive colours, packaging and effects for their sparklers. They introduce few new products each year. Each Brothers sparkler is tested for quality. Their products are tested at three phases – materials, half-finished and finished.

At Sparklers.co.uk we have picked the best products from Brothers at least when it comes to sparklers. We provide Brothers sparklers in various colours. We are sure that people will be delighted by the effects of our gold sparklers and multicoloured sparklers no matter what type of celebration they are preparing.

As you probably know, Brothers sparklers, just like most popular sparklers, are available in different sizes too. We have a standard sized 10 inch sparkler, but we also have mega sparklers that are 18 inches long. The sparklers we have can be used on any surface although using 18 inch sparklers is not recommended on cakes. On the other hand, 10 inch sparklers might be the ideal handheld sparklers. On top of that, Brothers sparklers found in our offer come with unbeatable prices because we tend to build long-term relationships with our customers. We know that these sparklers can be used more than once in a year and if our customers are satisfied they will visit our website again.  

Where can people use Brothers sparklers?

Since we have Brothers sparklers that come in different sizes, shapes and colours, we believe that these sparklers can be used literally everywhere. They will match the decoration and atmosphere on any special event. Weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties, New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Anniversaries these are some of the event where people have used Brothers sparklers and had excellent experience with them.

We have original Brothers Sparklers in stock which come in 10 Inch and 18 Inch sizes and come in a Gold and Coloured effect which will make a great Birthday and Wedding Party.

Our Sparkler Candles are also great for cakes.