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Crackling sparklers – The best way to add some positive tension on your next celebration.

An average person in the UK is part of at least 5 celebrations, parties and other special occasions a year. All these celebrations and special events require suitable decorations and accessories and Crackling Sparklers are surely one of them. Weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, New Year’s Eve or even some unexpected events like celebration triggered by your favourite sport team’s success are some of the situations in which Crackling Sparklers can be very useful. If you have the opportunity to prepare and choose the type of sparkler you want to use, then we suggest the use of crackling sparklers. A crackling sparkler is able to provide both visual and audio display to remember.

A few things you should know about crackling sparklers

As the name suggests, crackling sparklers are a special type of sparklers that emits sparkles and crackling sounds. If you think about it, you will notice that most sparklers are more or less noiseless. Well, crackling sparklers are made in a way that creates special and positive tension in the air during every celebration. It is surely better to use an item that can provide full audio/visual range of effects.

Modern crackling sparklers are completely safe despite the interesting sounds they produce. If they are handled in the right way, they won’t cause any damage. Just stick to the instructions and everything will be all right no matter how long are the Crackling Sparklers you have chosen. At we have crackling sparklers in two sizes – 10 inch and 14 inch and 18 inch which means that they are suitable for any occasion and they can even be placed on top of a cake.

People use crackling sparklers everywhere, but what is even more interesting is that they are becoming more inventive when it comes to the ways in which they use these sparklers. For instance, some of them ask their guests to lit up the Crackling Sparklers at a certain moment and create a wonderful image. This is certainly something that every photographer would like to capture. They also place these Crackling Sparklers on cakes and/or create lines on the paths where attendees usually walk.

Just like any other type of sparkler, crackling sparklers are available in different colours and styles too. It is up to the user to find the sparklers that suit them the best. According to some people, gold crackling sparklers can create fantastic atmosphere. In addition, they come in packs with different amounts – 8, 10 or 12.

Are these crackling sparklers safe?

If you choose crackling sparklers from an established brand you don’t have to worry about your personal safety or the safety of any person that will be part of your event. In addition, quality sparklers don’t emit toxic fumes or smell.

Where to buy crackling sparklers?

Almost all shopping fans agree that the Internet is the best place to buy sparklers. Websites like have offers that include various crackling sparklers and many other types of high-quality sparklers.

We have a great range of crackling sparklers in stock. A lovely glow of gold sparkle with a extra punch of crackling noise. We have these sparklers in 10 inch, 14 inch and 18 inch. These are great candles for birthday and wedding party`s.

If you are looking for something bit more special then see our Coloured Sparklers for sale.

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