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Sparklers have been used for centuries to celebrate. Here’s how to use handheld sparklers to make your party the best ever.

A Short History Of Sparklers And Celebrations

Sparklers are fireworks that can be used safely at parties by anyone responsible enough to hold a candle or a flame. More than a thousand years before handheld sparklers were invented, societies around the world used fireworks to mark religious occasions and celebrations. It’s generally believed that the Chinese were the first civilisation to use fireworks in 800 A.D., however, they were used widely in the Middle East and India at the time.

It is duly recorded in history that, whilst searching for the formula for eternal life, ancient Chinese alchemists mixed saltpetre, sulphur and charcoal and, quite by accident, created what we now know as “gunpowder”. They found an original way to use this mysterious powder and packed it into hollow sticks of bamboo. These were then sealed to create the original fire-cracker package.

Unlike our modern day handheld sparklers, which can be easily lit with a lighter and held by hand, these old-fashioned devices were ignited by being thrown into a fire, causing a mini-explosion of sparks and a small but significant ‘popping’ sound to accompany the event. Eventually cotton wool was employed as a fuse to assist in lighting these tiny explosives from a safe distance.

The use of firecrackers became a deeply imbedded part of the Chinese, Middle Eastern and Indian religious ceremonies and festivals over the millennium until this day. It’s widely believed that these mini-explosions act to drive away evil spirits with their crackling noise and dazzling sparks of purifying fire.

Fireworks are still used in religious celebrations today, such as the Hindu festival of Diwali. They are said to clear the space of negativity and simultaneously celebrate the victory of light over darkness. We use them in our western celebration of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, where lights traditionally brighten up the long nights of Winter darkness.

We will now explore the many ways you can use handheld sparklers to create different sensational party moments at your dazzlingly festive event.

Advantages Of Using Handheld Sparklers:

Modern fireworks have evolved greatly since those ancient times. Nowadays, not only can we achieve spectacular sounds upon ignition, such as crackling, fizzing and popping, but we can also create multitudinous rainbow coloured sparks of fire; including silver and golden showers. Handheld sparklers are definitely ‘one step up’ from the older version of firecrackers, for the following excellent reasons:

1. Safe to Hold:

Sparklers can be safely held by hand without fear of injury. This is made possible as handheld sparklers have a convenient metal stick attached to them, which provides a safe place to hold onto, far away enough from the ignition area as to avoid any accidental burns to the hand.

Advise your guests hold their lit sparklers with an awareness of their surrounding environment, in order to avoid causing damage to the curtains, the table cloth or to clothing.

2. Great Effects:

Handheld sparklers give off scintillating sparks in bright and varying colours for a fixed amount of time, depending on their individual length. You’ll find a wide range of colours, entertaining shapes of sparklers to order for your event on the shopping page of Not only can you choose sparklers that crackle, but also sparklers that come in various shapes such as heart-shaped or letter-shaped sparklers, or sparklers that give off showers of golden, silver or rainbow coloured lights.

3. Easy to use:

Handheld sparklers do not need to be as vigorously regulated as ordinary fireworks when you are managing a party because they are easier to light, safe to hold and simple to dispose of. However, do take note that children should always be attended by a responsible adult when participating in any event that involves the use of fireworks.

We will shortly discuss the safety considerations to note and the precautions to take when using these devices. Read further on how to choose and use the best handheld sparklers for your special celebration.

Choosing Handheld Sparklers For Your Party: 

Choosing the right type of handheld sparkler for your event is an essential part of party planning. Sparklers come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colours, therefore it will help to have a good idea of the type of sparkler you need and how many will be needed. Here are a few important points to consider when you’re planning to order online.

Your Party Theme:

When planning to use handheld sparklers, consider the type of festivity that you’re planning, before going online and placing your order. What kind of party are you having, who will be attending and which extraordinary special effects are you seeking?

Parties with Kids:

If you’re holding a children’s party, handheld sparklers will probably be one of your first choices of party accessory. You can choose from a selection of sparklers that crackle, sparklers that fizz in many different colours and different sized sparklers.

A perfect time to light sparklers is when announcing the cutting of the birthday cake, whilst everyone is singing “Happy Birthday”. If the children present who are younger than seven years old, perhaps have responsible adults to hold the sparklers while the cake is being brought in? Or why not use them as dazzling decorations on the cake itself? (It may prove a bit too much to have tiny tots waving sparkles about, unless they are very well supervised indeed.)

If the kids are old enough and deemed responsible enough, then they will safely enjoy a free session of playing with handheld sparklers, because they can be easily gripped and waved about, creating amazing shapes in the air. The excitement of sparklers is certainly ages-old and will definitely delight your little crew.

Think about using a medium sized sparkler for a kids party, nothing too large. A very popular choice for handheld sparklers are the Scorpion packs of 10 mixed sparklers in medium to regular sizes that come in a gold, coloured and crackling varieties. Another super-fun option to order for kids are the loudly crackling Nightstar sparklers of 14” inches long each or the Brightstar pack of coloured 14” inch sparklers.

Remember that all kids will need to be attended at all times, while using sparklers - be careful to avoid any unexpected accidents due to excessive enthusiasm.

Adult affairs: Weddings, Graduation Ceremonies and Birthdays.

Who said adults can’t have more fun than kids? Handheld sparklers are just the thing to break the ice and get people into a playful mode. Hand out sparklers to all your guests at these occasions with clear instructions on how to use them at an appointed time of the evening.

If your party is to be a birthday party, with heaps of playful fun and laughter, we recommend the multi-coloured rainbow packs of Bright Star Mammoth Sparklers for an entertaining variety of colours and the noisily crackling Bright Star sparklers which will definitely get your party cracking!

Classic golden-coloured sparklers are your surest bet for striking a harmonious atmosphere of elegance and even romance. The British Bulldog 16’ inch mega long sparklers come in packs of ten pieces each, are a simple gray in finish and give off the perfect golden sparkles for a wedding or any ceremonious occasion.

When you’re celebrating with adults or teens, you can bring out bigger sized sparklers of 17” inches long such as the Benwell Monster Sparklers which are safe to use and burn for up to a minute and forty seconds, giving your guests a longer time to enjoy their effect.

Family Celebrations: Diwali, Christmas and New Year:

When all the family from near and far come together to party for celebration’s sake, it’s time to have your ultimate fun with handheld sparklers. Because family celebrations are a mix of adults, teens and kids and generally flow loosely, the participants freely enjoying themselves without ceremony, sparklers can be lit at any moment of the evening.

Usually family celebrations are a large affair, so consider buying in bulk for these bigger events. Handheld sparklers are available in packs of 50, 100 and 150 pieces each at unbeatable wholesale prices. The benefit of this for you is that you will also receive a free delivery from for an order over fifty pounds in value to any address in the United Kingdom.

Our recommended party choice of handheld sparklers come in packs of 100 sparklers each, at a regular size of 10” inches long. They sparkle in classic gold, are safe for kids, adults and cake decorations, and therefore are a guaranteed winner at parties: click here to view bulk-buy Indoor Regular Sparklers.

Your Party Colour Scheme:

You may have a colour scheme in mind for your festivity, and hope to match your handheld sparklers to your chosen theme. Standard wedding sparklers give off golden sparkles, as do cake sparklers, however silver coloured sparklers are available on order. These neutral colours will work well with your wedding photography as they cast a more even and brighter light.

For a more entertaining and coordinated effect, in specific colours, try the fabulously entertaining Coloured Flame Ice Fountain Sparklers. which have a matching outer coating of colour to their flame and will suite your decoration plan well. They come in 6 awesome colours: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Light Blue and Pink and have the spectacular effect of shooting out a veritable fountain of dazzling rainbow sparkles. Decide on a colour that matches your palette - and don’t hesitate to place your order at 


Sparklers as Cake Decorations

Handheld Sparklers can also be used to decorate cakes, as the metal stick can be easily inserted into a cake and the sparkler lit when the big moment arrives. Cake sparklers are specially developed as food safe as they do not give off smoke or fumes. They have a burning time of twenty to thirty seconds, so only light them when everyone has gathered around the cake,

You will find an amusing variety of shapes of cake sparklers, such as letter-shaped cake sparklers, which can be used to write a name on the cake, number-shaped cake sparklers, used to write out the age of the birthday person on the cake or heart-shaped sparklers for an added romantic effect. All the standard cake sparklers are 7”inches long, silver coated and give out golden sparkles.


Photography with Sparklers

Having your guests hold handheld sparklers during wedding or birthday photoshoots can add incredible ambient light to your party images. You can use sparklers to create all sorts of amazing effects while using a slow shutter speed on the camera. Try out waving them in to create shapes, words, swirls or spirals in the air.


Safety and Sparklers

No matter your party theme or the age of your party participants, you will need to have certain safety features in place at your event. Safety equipment for handheld sparklers is available online for purchase with your sparkler order.

Use a safety lighter to light the sparklers and always have a metal bucket filled with sand for your guests to dispose of their spent sparklers. Make sure the bucket is well sign-posted to alert people as to its important function and in an obvious location that your guests can easily find. 


Have fun with Handheld Sparklers.

You are now super prepared to host the greatest party of all time with handheld sparklers, and we wish you the very best of celebratory success! There is always someone to assist you in your online purchase at Remember that you will receive a free delivery for orders over 50 pounds, so check out our bulk buy page now. We hope you have tons of fun and laughter experimenting with the age-old tradition of party fireworks.