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Hand-held Sparklers – the most convenient and simple way to bring joy to any event

Hand-held Sparklers are, without a doubt, very popular among children. To be honest, people of every age love Sparklers, but we usually associate them with children because they are the ones that run around with sparklers whenever they are present on some special event. There are many different types of Sparklers today, but the fact is that hand-held sparklers are the most popular ones. This is not a surprise because this is how these amazing items started – as fireworks. It is very difficult to find a person who has never used a sparkler or few of them on occasions like birthdays, a celebration of Independence Day, New Year celebration etc.

A few things you should know about Hand-held sparklers

As previously mentioned, sparklers were used for many centuries and over this time they were constantly improved and upgraded. Modern sparklers are not used only by children. They can be used at various events. The situation is not different when we talk about hand-held sparklers.

Hand-held sparklers that you can find today are fantastic because they come in more than one colour, size, shape and style. For example, if you take a closer look at the hand-held sparklers offered by Sparklers.co.uk you can see that there are gold, coloured and crackling sparklers. This means that those who are planning to use these items can find one that will match the occasion and the overall ambience. They no longer come in small sizes that last for a short period of time. People can now choose from sparklers that are 10 inch sparklers14 inch sparklers or even 18 inch sparklers. Some of these sparklers can last for minutes. Finally, the effects that these sparklers produce are different. For example, there are some sparklers that come in certain shapes (letters, numbers or symbols) and it is also not unusual to find a sparkler that changes its intensity as it burns.

What is even more important is that this specific type of sparklers is very safe. You can rest assured that your child (and you) will be perfectly safe while using it. Of course, this is only true for people who choose high-quality hand-held sparklers like the ones found on Sparklers.co.uk. In addition to being made by high-quality materials, these sparklers don’t produce strong odour or smoke which will surely make any event more pleasant.

Where can we use Hand-held sparklers?

Because of their design, these Sparklers can be used literally anywhere. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so you don’t have to worry about the location where the event will take place. As we have mentioned before, hand-held sparklers are perfect for birthday and wedding parties as well as for any special holiday or celebration where they can improve the mood of the guests. It is no wonder why wedding sparklers UK is one of the most researched terms on the Internet in the UK. Finally, hand-held sparklers are very cheap too.  

We have excellent selection hand-held Sparklers in stock. These sparklers come in 7 inch, 10 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch and 18 inch which come in Gold, Coloured and crackling effect. These can be used for weddings, birthday and all types of parties.

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Why you should buy our hand held sparklers

Are you celebrating a party or special occasion, or maybe you just want to have some fun? Well, our hand held sparklers can make your special occasion more memorable and fun for both you and your guests to experience! For a cheap and affordable price, our hand held sparklers collection contain different types of sparklers to suit your needs. From Coloured Flame Hand Held Ice Fountain Sparklers, and Pack of 10 British Bulldog - 16" Inch Mega Long Sparklers to a Pack of 4 Benwell - 17" Inch Large Monster Sparklers and many more!

Our Coloured Flamed Hand Held Ice Fountain Sparklers come in sparkler coating colours and burn effect of blue, baby blue, green, pink, red and yellow. This variety of different colours allow you to explore and experience fun in different ways. Furthermore, these sparklers are ideal to be put on food items such as cake. Due to their size of being 6" Inch long, they last around 40 seconds per sparkler. You can get a packet of these from just a sale price of £4.19 today!

Just imagine lighting up the faces of your guests with a smile as you allow them to share the experience of these wonderful sparklers. Good news, you won’t have to imagine this as you can make this a memorable reality from less than the price of lunch. Take advantage of our prices and grab a bargain with us today!

We have confidence that our products are both safe and quality products. We want you to feel the same too, therefore, we offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your order. Simply get in touch with us if you have any problems with your purchase, and we will sort it out for you.

Caution: Our sparklers are to be only used under adult supervision due to health and safety issues.

Benefits of purchasing from our hand held sparklers collection

Like most things, our products also have their benefits to them. Some of which we will be stated below.

  • Our products are cheap and affordable yet safe, reliable and quality products.
  • We are one of the few sellers out there in this field who offer a money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied. The reason we do this is that we want you as the customer to be able to feel fully confident when making an order on our website.
  • Our products have long expiry dates and consist of low smoke levels. This makes it safer for you to use.
  • Our hand held sparklers range in lots of different types such as a Pack of 4 Bright Start – 18” Inch Rainbow Coloured Mammoth Big Sparklers, a Pack of 4 Brothers – 18” Inch Mega Aces Big Sparklers, a Pack of 5 Benwell – 7” Inch Regular Sparklers, and many more! All of these sparklers are cheap yet reliable and quality sparklers.

We hope you decide to purchase from us. However, if you don't find anything in our hand held sparklers collection of interest, then please do check out the other collections we have for sale on our website as we have a range of different sparklers to suit your needs.