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Standard Sparklers Provide Non-Standard Entertainment

In case you are new in the world of sparklers, you probably don’t know that these exciting small items have such a long and interesting history. China is the homeland of sparklers and many other pyrotechnic products, but the beauty of sparklers has soon caught the attention of the rest of the world. People from every part of the world are using sparklers to mark their special moments. There is a very big number of companies in the fireworks and sparklers industry. However, not all of these companies provide the same quality. Standard sparklers are known as one of the sparklers with the highest quality. With the help of a Standard sparkler on your party, you can be sure that your party is anything, but standard event.

Why are Standard sparklers so popular?

As previously mentioned, there are tens of sparkler manufacturers in the world, so if you are still in a dilemma which brand you should use, you probably want to know more about Standard sparklers and what they provide.

One of the first things we should point out is that Standard sparklers have a long history.

Standard or Standard Fireworks is a firework company that was founded in the end of the 19th century. The founder of Standard, James Greenhalgh decided to use Huddersfield as a base for his business. Soon after this company was opened, it started to expand making the original headquarters small. That’s why they have moved their premises to Crosland Hill where they can still be found. It is interesting to mention that Standard Fireworks was actively involved in the production of munitions during the WWI and WWII. After that, the company acquired few other smaller companies in this industry. About 17 years ago, Standard was bought by one of the most popular Chinese fireworks manufacturer  Black Cat Fireworks.

According to the manufacturer, Standard fireworks are here to brighten up any occasion and bring excitement in the guests of any party. These sparklers are designed in a way that promises great fun for the users and for the people who are just looking for a good pyrotechnic display.

One thing that makes these sparklers special is the fact that the manufacturer is using only the finest materials in their production. Of course, the durability and the special effects they produce won’t be possible without such materials. All the sparklers produced by Standard last for at least few minutes which is a sufficient amount of time to bring smiles on the faces of the attendees.

Standard sparklers are available in different sizes. At we have two different sizes of Standard sparklers – 10 inch and 16 inch. In other words, we have both regular and big sparklers. In addition, they emit different colours too.

Where can people use Standard sparklers?

Standard sparklers are the ideal type of sparkler for any celebration no matter when and where it takes place. Most of the buyers we have use Standard sparklers on their wedding parties.

If you are looking for something bigger then we suggest checking out our 18 Inch Sparklers.


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