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Medium Sparklers – Minimum Hassle, Maximum Fun.

Medium doesn’t necessarily mean average. As a matter of fact many ancient philosophers like Aristotle were supporting the golden mean – the attractive middle between two extremes. This is the basic idea behind medium sparklers too. Those who are not sure whether a large sparkler is too much or whether a mini sparkler is not enough can always buy a medium sparkler. Many of our buyers have confirmed that the medium sparklers are providing great fun without any hassles.


Find out more about the medium sparklers

According to some sources, the first sparklers were used in China about 19 centuries ago. Ever since the first display, they have become one of the favourite items used during celebrations and parties. It took many centuries before sparklers were introduced in the rest of the world. However, during this period not many things have changed. With the rapid advance of technology that started some 3-4 decades ago, people got the chance to hold or place many different sparklers including the medium sparkler. So, the main difference between medium sparklers and the rest of the sparklers is in their size.

All sparklers that are between 10 and 14 inches are considered to be medium sparklers. The size certainly affects the duration of their effects (emission of sparklers and flames), but we can guarantee that their display lasts even more than enough.


Medium Sparklers Can Be Used At Any Event.

Medium sparklers, just like mini, small or large sparklers, can come in different styles, colours and shapes. People who are planning to buy medium sparklers should analyze their event and the other decorations that will be used on the event before they select the sparklers. So, where exactly can we use these medium sparklers?

Almost any special event can benefit from the use of medium sparklers. For instance, if you are planning a birthday party and you want to make your party special you can place these sparklers on top of your cake. They won’t affect the look of the cake. It is probably enough to use two or three sparklers. They are also big enough to be held in hands while singing “Happy Birthday”. It is also a nice idea to use them at a wedding. Sparklers for wedding UK is a popular search term on the Internet for a reason. You can use them in a similar fashion at a birthday party. In addition, many wedding planners light them when the bride and the groom enter the venue for a more spectacular entrance.

It is good to know that medium sparklers are suitable for any location. You can use them inside or outside and at any time of the day. The best ones among them don’t create smoke or the characteristic smell that can be associated with the sparklers produced in the past.


Choosing the best medium sparkler

If you perform brief research, you will find dozens of UK sparkler sellers. In order to save you some time, we will recommend our website for two good reasons – we provide medium sparklers only from quality brands and we have already delivered thousands of sparklers all over the UK.

We have a great selection of Medium Sparklers which come in 14 inch size. You have an option of gold, coloured and crackling. These are great for weddings, birthdays and any type of party.

Please also check out our Large Sparklers if you are looking for something bigger.