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Champagne Sparklers

How can Champagne sparklers make your party unique?

If you have been to a bar or a nightclub, you have probably noticed the unique Champagne sparklers used there. We all know that Champagne is a type of wine that is viewed as luxurious and it is usually used on special occasions. Once you order Champagne in a night club, it is not unusual for the staff to decorate it with a special Champagne sparkler and light it. This is actually very popular practice these days. The fact is that every person in the club will notice that you are celebrating something and you will instantly boost the mood in the club. If you are impressed by these sparklers, you should know that you can find them online and use them whenever you want.

Champagne sparklers are unique type of decoration

When you are organising a party, you should know that the details matter the most. Anyone can find tables, chairs and a music system, but it is the decoration that makes the difference. Even the smallest details will increase the feeling of joy among your guests. Sometimes these decorations can be so simple like Champagne candles, but the effects they produce will be remember for a long time.

Champagne sparklers are specially designed sparklers that are relatively new on the market. Obviously, sparklers were used for centuries (it all started about 15 centuries ago in China) and through this period innovative people were looking not only to improve their effects, but also to find new places where they can use these sparklers.

This specific type of sparklers is very different from the rest because it must be placed on a specific surface – the top of the Champagne bottle. Most of these sparklers come with spikes that can be inserted in the seal of the bottle.  In the recent period these are special wine bottle ice fountain clips that can be very effective too. They are attached on the side of the bottle.

As you have probably guessed, Champagne sparklers usually come in gold and silver colours, but it is not difficult to find sparklers in different colours on reputable websites like

Most of the Champagne sparklers are 6 inches long and every established sparkler manufacturer has several models in their offer.

How and where to use Champagne sparklers

Installing these sparklers is quite simple and we have already described the procedure. It won’t take more than few seconds to place these sparklers on the bottle and you can lit them whenever you want. They can be used in dark for better effects. Since modern champagne sparklers are made of safe materials, you can use them inside your home/other facility or outside.

They are ideal for birthday parties (especially among young adults) and perfect for wedding parties where the bride and the groom want to make a toast.

Champagne sparklers or champagne candles are used for enhancing the happiness of celebrations. We can also use them for New year’s Day, independence Day and any other celebration.

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