Ice Fountain Sparklers

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Ice Fountain Sparklers – Perfectly Safe and Exciting Sparklers  

Ice fountain sparklers are just another form of pyrotechnics that are placed on the ground (almost any type of surface is suitable) and once they are lit, they produce sparkling fountain of light. The effects they produce may come in one or several colours. The latter option usually starts with one colour followed by another. They are similar to firework repeaters, but unlike these fireworks, an ice fountain sparkler or ice fountain candles produce light from a single tube.

Compared to some other forms of pyrotechnics, ice fountain sparklers are different because of the effects they produce. The sparkles usually don’t reach more than 5 feet in the air.

What is the story behind the Ice Fountain Sparklers?

Whenever someone mentions a product that contains ice in its name, they usually think about something cold or blue. But, this is not the case with ice fountain sparklers. As previously mentioned, these sparklers are capable of emitting different kind of lights. Some of them produce yellow and green while other produce blue or red. There are ice fountain candles that emit a mixture of lights. But, there must be a reason why they are called ice fountains, right? The simplest explanation can be found in the type of flame they produce which is known as cool flame.

This is a kind of flame when we can see whenever we burn something that was soaked in alcohol. The flame emits a light blue colour. If you focus on the opening of the ice fountain sparkler, you will surely see that the flame has a very light blue colour.

What is great about these cool flames is that they burn on lower temperature. They also don’t radiate much heat; don’t produce much smoke or CO2. People who enjoy sparklers are well-aware of these features of ice fountain sparklers and this is the reason why so many sparklers of this kind are sold each year. People use them on wedding and birthday cakes and on many other places.

Ice fountain sparklers are perfectly safe

Since they don’t emit smoke and carbon dioxide in large quantities, these special sparklers are considered to be eco-friendly. It is perfectly safe to use ice fountain sparklers indoor and outdoor. Since they emit very low heat, it is almost impossible to ignite fire with their use. In addition, your respiratory system will be protected too.

Different types of ice fountain sparklers

It seems that this industry is one of the most creative and innovative on the market and this creativity can be easily noticed in ice fountain sparklers. There are many sparklers like this that spray sparkles in the form of stars or jets. They can also look like real fountains, but instead of water, they produce sparkles and light. Since they are not very expensive, ice fountain sparklers can be used even on more casual events. You don’t have to wait for birthdays and some annual events.

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