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Garden Fireworks

Standard - Bronze Selection Firework Box (21 SET)


Standard - Silver Selection Firework Box (25 SET)


Standard - Gold Selection Firework Box (29 SET)


Standard - Platinum Selection Firework Box (32 SET)


Black Cat - Firebrand Firework (50 Shots)


Black Cat - Fire & Brimstone Firework (55 Shots)


Black Cat - Scorpio Rising Firework (55 Shots)


Standard - Vengeance Firework (55 Shots)


Black Cat - Thriller Firework (55 Shots)


Garden Fireworks – An Amazing Outdoor Experience

People have been fascinated by firework display for many centuries. In the beginning, they’ve used only a couple of types of fireworks and these fireworks were used on very special occasions (usually public holidays). The good news is that people today can choose between many different types of fireworks and they can use them whenever they want because these devices are affordable. A firework that has caught the attention of people who enjoy outdoor activities is a garden firework. Garden fireworks can be used in both large and small gardens even though their primary use is in small gardens.

What are garden fireworks and when can you use them?

According to the official categorization, there are basically two types of fireworks – display and garden fireworks. The first option requires viewers to step at least 25 meters from the firework in order to enjoy the performance and prevent any accidents. However, not every homeowner has a garden that is so large. This is why firework and pyrotechnic manufacturers have invented garden fireworks.

This special kind of firework allows viewers to stand as close as five meters to the device. Some garden fireworks require a distance of at least eight meters. In order to find out which is the recommended distance, read the label. While we are talking about recommendations and instructions, read everything that comes with your firework package. In this way, you will learn how to use these spectacular devices in the right way. In other words, you will get the most from the display and keep everyone safe.

Obviously, these fireworks come in smaller sizes compared to standard display fireworks, but this doesn’t mean that they are not interesting and fun. For instance, there are some great garden fountains and garden rockets. In addition, it is possible to find high-quality garden cakes too. Just like any other type of fireworks, these ones come in different colours and are capable of producing different effects. Depending on their size they can last up to 2 minutes.

The question of safety should always be on top. If you want to avoid any accidents related to garden fireworks, it is the best idea to keep a bucket full of water next to the firework. Additionally, tell the children to stay away from the fireworks even when they are not ignited.

Garden fireworks can be used in many different places. Birthday parties, wedding parties, prom nights, outdoor corporate events – these are some of the special occasions and celebrations where a good garden firework can make everything much more memorable.

Where to find good garden fireworks?

If you have done some research you have probably noticed that there are a huge number of manufacturers and suppliers of garden fireworks. Our advice is to stick to suppliers that have fireworks from different brands on their offer and suppliers who are operating online because they have affordable prices. At we will be glad to help you find the right type of garden firework for your event. Contact us at any time!