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Rocket Fireworks

Black Cat - Sundown Rocket Fireworks (18 Big Rockets)


Black Cat - Merlin Rocket Fireworks (48 Flash Rockets)


Standard - Maverick Rocket Fireworks (36 Flash Rockets)


Black Cat - High Impact Rocket Fireworks (36 Flash Rockets)


Black Cat - Black Hawk Fireworks (30 Flash Rockets)


Rocket fireworks – the fun is in the skies  

If you are part of the organization of some exclusive event like a birthday party, a wedding party or some kind of celebration (no matter how big it is), you are probably interested in making it more attractive and more outstanding. You will be surprised to hear that most people are focused on the small details and sometimes a detail like a short rocket fireworks display can do the job. Remember how many events you remember only because there was a spectacular firework show.

Why use rocket fireworks?

Before we answer this question, let’s talk more about this type of fireworks. They are definitely popular among spectators because they reveal their effects high in the skies and every person on the ground can see them. Each rocket firework has three parts. The most important one is the head where the pyrotechnic material is stored. The second part is the so-called motor which gives the propulsion (and the distinctive sound) and the last part is something that every firework has – a fuse. As you are probably aware, the elements are placed on a stick which is made of wood and placed in the ground. In some cases, people use special launch tubes.

Rocket fireworks are among the fireworks that have the widest range of sizes and designs because most of the manufacturers are focused on creating unique rocket fireworks. In the last decade, many manufacturers use casings that are able to reflect light and overall effects.

There is one thing that unites all rocket fireworks and that’s their short-lasting effects. Roman candles and firework cakes can last for a minute or even more, but rocket fireworks release their effects at once and the entire display lasts for no more than 5 seconds. There are some new models that produce effects in the form of fish or gold glitter that may last a little bit longer but they can’t match the fireworks we have mentioned before.

Of course, people love them because they display a huge “image” of the sky that consists of colourful and beautiful effects. In addition, some of these fireworks produce crackling sounds and loud bangs which make the things even more exciting. There are also a number of rockets that leave a tail from the ground to the sky. Of course, the loud bang is a characteristic of all rocket fireworks.

In the end, let’s highlight the biggest advantages of rocket fireworks. First and foremost, they produce the unforgettable single effect. They might be more expensive than other types of fireworks, but the crowd loves them. They produce the largest effects and they are ideal for massive events.    

Selecting good rocket fireworks

Now that you know how useful rocket fireworks can be, it is time to find a pack of quality rocket fireworks. Don’t waste your time on suspicious suppliers. Choose our website because we have dozens of fireworks in our offer and we are sure that you will like our deals.