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Eid Sparklers

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7" Inch Coated Indoor Sparklers (PACK OF 8)


Letter - 7" Inch Grey Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


Number - 7" Inch Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


Heart Shaped - 7" Inch Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


Star Shaped - 7" Inch Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


Ice Fountain Sparklers 6" Inch Indoor Use (PACK OF 2 / 3)


Secret Message - Ice Fountain Sparklers 6" Inch Indoor Use (PACK OF 1)


7" Indoor Sparklers (PACK OF 10)


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Eid Sparklers – Mark the Feast of Breaking the Fast with Spectacular Sparkles

Eid is one of the most important holidays celebrated by Muslims all over the world. The idea to celebrate this day is to mark the end of Ramadan or the month of fasting. This is surely an occasion that needs to be marked with prayers, giving charity and showing happiness and joy. One way to express these positive feelings is to use special Eid sparklers. With the help of a special Eid sparkler any believer can bring the joy of this holy day in their home and share this special moment with their close ones.

What is the point of using Eid sparklers?

Eid al-Fitr is a holiday that is celebrated for up to three days. People usually great each other with Blessed Eid. The holiday is known as the Sugar Feast or the Sweet Festival because once the fast ends people usually try some traditional Arabic sweets and candies. Just like any other religious holiday, people are encouraged to show their happiness and lighting Eid sparklers seems to be a great idea. Although many people think that using Eid sparklers is some type of new tradition, the fact is that early Arabs who were trading goods with the Chinese were able to buy and use sparklers too. Eid sparklers are able to produce various effects and their display is anything but boring. Modern Eid sparklers have the ability to produce a huge range of effects.

Eid is celebrated both in the streets and inside believers’ homes. This is not a celebration that lasts only for few minutes. Both the day and night are festive too. In some regions people celebrate this holiday for full three days.

Eid sparklers are great for use inside the home which is excellent because Eid is also a family holiday, a holiday when people get even closer with their family. You don’t have to worry about the effects of Eid sparklers on the safety of your home because they are designed in a way which makes them perfectly safe. In addition, they are very practical as they don’t produce smoke or odour. Needless to say, Eid sparklers look great when used outside under the clear night sky in the nature or in urban areas and this is probably the best way to test and witness their capabilities.

Sparklers.co.uk is offering different sizes and colours of Eid sparklers. You can easily find big sparklers or small sparklers. The way you will use them will affect your decision about the size. In addition, there are beautiful Eid sparklers in different colours. Are you a fan of the green colour or maybe you prefer silver or gold colour? You don’t need to compromise because you can get Eid sparklers in all colours from our website.

How to buy Eid sparklers?

The buying process is simple – follow the instructions on our website. We provide the best value Eid sparklers to buy and use fast. Take some time to find the ones you find most attractive and place an order.

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