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Sparkler ideas Consider Safety First!

Sparkler ideas add “spark” to any event. As great as sparkler ideas are, care should be taken when applying it to events. Once lit, a sparkler burns at over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, and if you give one to a child, it is important to make sure you take appropriate precautions for their safety. Ensure they are always supervised and consider wearing thick gloves and fire retardant clothing. Likewise, ensure that there is a bucket of water nearby into which rods can be discarded safely. Despite the fact that sparklers may cause burns, the truth is that they really are as safe as you want them to be. If you take sensible precautions, then they not only look great, they are a lot of fun too! From making your own sparkler art to using them to create the ultimate wedding, they are a fantastic way to brighten up the darkest of nights and ensure everyone has fun.


Great Sparkler Ideas Come Outside

Sparkler ideas are great for almost any outdoor ceremony, or event that occurs in the evening. The appeal that sparklers have implies that everyone apparently enjoys holding one, and the sight of a group of people with them is simply unforgettable, in the United Kingdom, sparkler ideas are mostly utilised on Bonfires Night or Guy Fawkes Night as it’s known. On this night, a celebration of fireworks, sparklers, and bonfires takes place with many public displays of fireworks, followed by countless children holding sparklers of all colours and sizes.


Get Some Great Wedding Sparkler Ideas

Wedding sparklers are quite similar to standard sparklers that you would normally see at firework displays. They are those stick-like items that most children wave around during Christmas and New Year time which give off glittering sparkles. Wedding sparklers are quite similar to those in the sense of the effect that they give. There is, however, a few noticeable differences in wedding sparklers in comparison to normal sparklers that one needs to be aware of.

A wedding ceremony is seen to be one of the purest ways by which couples can express their love for one another. Seeing as this is the case, it does not come to one as a surprise that couples are known to put a lot of thought into the planning of their wedding.


Modern Sparkler Ideas

In the modern-day, the trends in which weddings are celebrated have changed quite drastically. Even though the tradition of having the marriage ceremony in a church is still widely followed, many couples are known to have an extra evening reception for close family and friends.

The women, in general, are known to be the chief planners when it comes to choosing the final details of their wedding. The general aim of every couple is to make their wedding the most memorable and spectacular day of their life.

The evening event is mainly designed so that they get to have their first dance as a married couple and can meet all their close families and friends before departing off for their honeymoon. Most women try to make this evening as fairy tale-like as possible.

If you are coming close to your wedding day and are planning to host an evening event, it is advised to make use of sparkler ideas to add sparkle to your wedding. Seeing as most women want their evening entrance to be that of a fairytale princess, one can achieve this with the aid of wedding sparklers. Many of you may be wondering what wedding sparklers are and how they can be used for the purpose described above.


Other Sparkler Ideas

This hand-held firework has never been so popular with all kinds of sparkler now available. With different colours, burn-times and even shapes of sparkler available, they can be used for almost any celebration. Birthday parties, Halloween, Christmas and even New Year’s Eve can be made that bit more unforgettable with the use of sparklers. From an innovative idea to light someone's way to a creative concept that can look fantastic, sparklers are safe, they look fantastic, and they can brighten up almost any event which makes the sparkler ideas perfect for any event.

If you intend to use the sparkler ideas at your wedding, it is important to remember that you can only do so by using wedding sparklers. The traditional sparklers that you would normally find at other firework displays would not be suitable for this purpose. For starters, the traditional sparklers are known to be small in length and can prove to be dangerous for this purpose. Also, the smaller version ones are known to burn out much quicker than the longer ones. It is a romantic idea, and it's certainly something that is proving more and more popular and more and more people are looking for the perfect way to make that evening unforgettable. You can quite literally add a bit of "sparkle" into the bride and grooms exit by arranging a sparkling tunnel for them to walk under.

Size Matters for Sparkler Ideas

Firstly, it's important to remember that this will not work with regular length sparklers. You will need the more extensive 18-inch variety because not only do they burn for up to 2 minutes, they are long enough to ensure that there is enough room for the bride and groom. For safety, ensure that you buy only sparklers with a metal core. Bamboo sparklers tend to disintegrate into hot fragments which can easily burn!

Secondly, after ordering enough wedding sparklers, usually, no more than 24 (12 each side) it’s important to make sure that you are prepared! Ensure there is access to buckets with water for extinguishing the sparklers and also a first aid kit as always.

Before lighting the wedding sparklers, tell everyone your plan and conduct a quick test without lighting and if everything goes well, it is time for the real deal. Ensure your lovely couple is aware of the magnificent tunnel and that guests are standing far enough apart so that sparklers do not come into contact with the bride, groom or other guests. Then get ready, get lit and ensure that a photographer is ready to capture the special moment. It looks absolutely fantastic if timed correctly.

This stunning finale is absolutely unforgettable, and the wedding sparklers archway really does look classy and stylish, and it’s something which can be adapted to almost any occasion. Birthdays and anniversaries are some examples. With countless things to do with wedding sparklers, the only thing your guests and you need is to be aware of is the safety aspects of wedding sparklers.

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