Top 5 Wedding Sparkler Exit Tips


Perhaps it is the fire that illuminates the place; perhaps it is guests' excitement, waving gently the sparklers in the night sky. In whatever way, you will love to have a happy marriage ending with sparkling receptions! Use different sparklers such as wedding sparklers, or personalised sparkler cover tags sleeves to enlighten your marriage day events.

We have some essential safety guidelines and best- use guidelines for a stunning (and safe) great escape if you hope to get a sparkling grand finished after a day. Read what you just have to know for the perfect grand sparklers exit!

Have Big Wedding Sparklers

Ask them to have the longest sparklers they can, if you have a great exit on the wedding day. The regular sparklers are bright and quick, and when the end of the line is lit, the beginning of the line is already blurred. This means that you have less light and less excitement to shoot at!

Have the Exit Slowly

How important this is, you have to make the process slow! Just before the departure, remember to take your time and not to rush the moment. Your photographer doesn’t have sufficient time to focus and shoot if you run like a flash and disappear in the night. You can do different things depending on the dynamics and personality of your spouse that the slow journey won't look or feel awkward. For this moment, you still want this high energy! You can, for example, dance together so you always move forward, but not quickly. Or you might stop and end up kissing, hugging and dipping, bowing, screaming and clapping, picking up and celebrate the moment.

Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Ensure you know the place and timing of your wedding photographer and videographer want you to be. Would you like your grand exit for years to remember? Your photographer and videographer should be at the top of your list of necessities!

Make Sure That Guests Can Spread Safely: Do not allow little children

You won't even want guests to sport a nasty souvenir after a big day, much like you don't want you burned. Give them enough space to spread out while holding the sparklers for your wedding exit. Do not involve children in the wedding exit. Most often, sparklers are made from small, slightly sharp metal rods. They pose not only a safety risk if small children start to work with them but after illumination, they are also quite hot.

Have enough space in the gateway

Sparklers shoot small fragments of fire, so there is a fire risk. Make sure you are not burned (or caught on fire!) by asking everyone to stay at least three feet away from your exit! It is also a good idea to ask them not to shake the sparklers, or to tilt them along. This is especially true if you wear your fine marriage robe through the exit! You would be surprised how often common sense gets abandoned where sparklers are involved! Keep the sparkler safety equipment handy.


Get the biggest sparklers, with great planning with the photographers, is important, and don't forget safety is a MUST!