3 Tips To Light Your Own Fireworks Show

When you take the step to create a firework show, a world of special fuses, clips, firing systems, and igniters are suddenly introduced. It can be awesome! How do you decide on the best way to amaze your vision at the right moment and to light all of your fireworks?

Hand lighting

This is the way most of us already use to set off the fireworks– simply by using a lighter or torch, to ignite the fuse. You still need to keep a few things in mind when you light fireworks using this approach, especially with multiple fireworks or big fireworks. This is the cheapest and easiest way to set up.

When you use this method, you need to consider fireworks from different shooting positions with multiple people. In the same location, you should never try to light more than one fuse at a time. This puts you at risk of a firework set off as you try to illuminate another right next to it. Hand lighting is alright for small fireworks such as rocket firework or but not a good option to set firework packs in a single go.

Having more than one shooter and coordinating between them can also be a little difficult with this method. The darkness, the space between firing positions and noise from the firing can make it difficult to communicate with the other shooters.

Using the chain fuse

Use this method to connect multiple fireworks together with different fuse lengths and speeds. Speeds range from very slow safety fuse that burns about 25 seconds per foot from the one that can burn as fast as 1⁄4 of a second per foot! You can cut the fuse to the right length and connect it all with tape and/or plastic zip ties once you know how much time it takes between fireworks.

This method is attractive because you can adjust the show, light a single fusion and then stand back and see the connected fuses light firework almost automatically one after another. Chain fusion appears to be the ideal method when used on the surface. It removes the cost of electrical fire systems and the difficulty of manual coordination between multiple shooters.

But it has a significant safety drawback as once the main fuse is lit; stopping it in between is difficult, if not impossible. There is no quick and safe way to stop the show if something goes wrong (firework errors or accident). Therefore, chain fusion is not permitted on professional shows and better not be employed.

Using the electrical firing method

This is the only method for more elaborate shows that is recommended for professional fireworks. Electric firing systems enable you to maintain a safe distance from the fireworks and most systems allow the exhibition to be stopped or paused should there be an emergency.

The systems utilize electric current to either heat a highly resistant wire or an electric match, which turns the fireworks on. E-matches can be bought and used only by licensed professionals. In recent years, the cost of these systems has fallen dramatically, enabling people to invest in the technology. However, when used properly it is worth every minute and every penny spent with the additional control and safety it provides.

These are the basic techniques of shooting fireworks, but there is plenty of detailed online information available of various other means of lighting your firework. Research well and understand what suits you well before implementing one for your party. However, never compromise on safety issues as a small mistake can produce serious damage when fireworks are concerned.

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