Wedding sparklers may make your festive occasions more special. Regardless of whether it's an anniversary or a marriage ceremony, sparklers always add to the excitement. If sparklers are added to your wedding or birthday cakes, they can become something more exciting. Similarly, with the addition of sparklers, the wedding exit can be more memorable. You may also have personalized tags for your wedding. There are other party sparklers and lots of exciting funny ideas to enjoy the opportunity. But are sparklers safe? How can the risks of using sparklers be minimized on your special day? It is always better to maintain sparklers safety while having the fun. Be cautious with the big sparklers and buy only the safest sparklers from us.


Indoor Sparklers Safety

With our low smoke sparklers, you can safely use them in indoors and just to confirm the same is with indoor fireworks which are also designed to minimize smoke. But, don't use any sparklers made of bamboo sticks indoors because they make plenty of toxic smoke and chute that can be suffocating. Use the ones made of metal wires.

Cake Sparklers

The sparklers on the top of the birthday or wedding cake are completely safe if you use the designated food safe sparklers. They are designed specifically to shoot minimum sparks and can cause no burns or harm the cake.

Sparklers and Possible Burn Injury

When burned, sparklers remain extremely hot and even for some time after they are put off. We suggest getting a bucket with some water in and placing the used sparklers in there.  Keeping kids vigilant while using sparklers is important. If not properly supervised, they can cause nuisance and accidents.

Emission of Toxic Chemicals and Metals

Keep in mind that the chemicals in the sparklers are most toxic and not be eaten. Be careful to get rid of the small metal particles that may have landed on the cake before you cut it. Even the sparklers of the most trustworthy companies will disseminate metals such as titanium, iron, and aluminum. That is why we say it is best to buy the food safe sparklers.

Keep your eyes away from burning sparklers

Keep your eyes as far away from the sparkles as sparks can cause serious damage to the eye. Remove sparklers with care from the cake before letting the kids cut them. Keep a bucket of sand or water nearby Do not allow guests to throw it away or to keep it anywhere they like.

Preferable safety precautions to be taken

  • Do not allow children under 12 to use sparklers on their own. They should be supervised by adults at all times.
  • Keep the sparklers away from your body
  • Use sparklers while standing only
  • Always light up or just hold one sparkler at any time
  • Make sure you wear shoes covering your feet
  • The sparkler remain hot for some time even after it is completely spent off
  • Drop your sparklers in the sand or water bucket (not in your dust bin)
  • Never pass someone else a lighted sparkler
  • Keep sparklers far away from face and clothing and other materials or individuals

Simply, sparklers are hazardous. However, certain precautions are needed for its safe use.