Safety Tips For Indoor Fireworks & Indoor Sparklers

Safety Tips For Indoor Fireworks & Indoor Sparklers


On the whole, fireworks and sparklers are meant to be used and set off out of doors, however, there are a few fireworks that are appropriate for indoor use. Indoor fireworks are pretty much limited to a few types of indoor sparklers and indoor firework fountains. Indoor fireworks can add fun and excitement to weddings, birthday celebrations and other special occasions since they are not something that most people expect.

Indoor fireworks like all fireworks can be beautiful and exciting, but they also need to be handled safely. Here are some indoor firework safety tips for


Choose Only Those Fireworks that are Marked Safe for Indoor Use

Those high flying and colourful fireworks that are designed for outdoor use may seem to be more fun and exciting than those fireworks made for indoor use, but using them indoors is dangerous both the venue and to the people viewing the fireworks. If you are planning on having indoor fireworks make sure that those fireworks are clearly marked for indoor use.

Adults Only to light sparklers and fireworks

Fireworks are not child's play and should only be set off by a responsible adult. In fact, in order to ensure the safety of both you and the spectators who have come to enjoy the sparklers and other fireworks it would be wise to actually take a fireworks training class. Even the most responsible and careful child can put themselves at risk when setting off fireworks, so protect your child, by making it clear that setting off any type of fireworks is clearly for adults and that there will no exceptions to this rule.

Make Up A Fireworks Safety Kit and Keep It Handy

When setting off sparklers and other indoor fireworks assemble a fireworks safety kit and keep it handy. Your indoor safety kit should include:

  • A metal bucket
  • Extra long lighter for lighting off your fireworks
  • Safety specs
  • Gloves
  • Vest
  • Mat

Read the Instructions for any indoor fireworks

You need to read the instructions for the fireworks carefully and follow all of the safety precaution given in the instructions. Don't take any short cuts when it comes it following safety procedures since you want those indoor firework displays to be both exciting and safe. If you happen to have fireworks that do not have instructions for use, don't use them since you would much rather be safe than sorry.

Don't Ever Place Any Part of Your Body Over the Fireworks When Lighting

Not every firework will go off as they are supposed to or as you would expect so in order to set off your fireworks as safely as possible make sure that you keep your face and all other body parts from being directly over the fireworks you are lighting.


Protect Your Spectators with your firework safety kit

If you are planning any type of fireworks display, then it is your responsibility to keep the spectators at your event safe and secure and out of harm's way. Make sure that your spectators are seated or standing a safe distance away before lighting any fireworks.

Don't Re-Light A Dud sparkler or firework

If you light a firework and it doesn't go off, don't try and relight it. Instead, dispose of it safely and don't try lighting it again at some future time.

If you are planning on having indoor fireworks at your next celebration, keep everyone safe by following the above-mentioned safety rules.