Wedding fireworks: everything you need to know

Wedding fireworks: everything you need to know

Wedding Fireworks

Weddings are ultimate social events that must be made as exciting and happening as possible. There are innumerable ways to make them memorable and wedding fireworks are surely one of such unique ways. If you are planning to have a firework display on a forthcoming wedding, then you are in the right place reading this article.

It is important to understand that fireworks need to planned properly to have an optimum effect. Planned wedding fireworks will not have the desired effect and will still cost you pretty heavily without producing the desired pomp.

We are posting basic information on some of the most popular wedding fireworks. This information will help you in planning the wedding fireworks in the most effective manner. Here is the list of some of the most popular wedding fireworks:

Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers: Wedding sparklers are a great way to celebrate a wedding. They come on different sizes. The range of the largest sparkler is around 18 inches and the smallest one can have a range of little over 7 inches. Ideally, you need to have a minimum of one for each adult guest. However, keeping 20% additional as the reserve is a smart move. This would cater for any breakages and losses. It is cheaper to buy them in party packs.

Wedding Fireworks: They are relatively common fireworks that you must have experienced viewing on many celebrations. They are rocket-shaped firework products with a fuse to light and enjoy the firework. They are suitable for use during the night time in outdoor wedding venues. In case of indoor wedding venues, you need to arrange an outdoor location for the firework display. There are many varieties of wedding fireworks You can choose as per your budget and preferences.

Big Fireworks

Big Fireworks: They are an ideal choice when the wedding event ask for maximum pomp and high-grade firework display. They are expensive and produce a higher grade of illumination and noise. You need to have a bigger space for employing big fireworks. They are available in a wide range of products (shots and rockets) and packings. You may need professional help for deploying them.

Wedding Personalised Sparkler Tags

Wedding personalised sparkler tags: They are surely the most personalised form of wedding fireworks. It is a cute combo of a small handheld sparkler and a tag (with a personalised message) that your guests can pin on. You have the option to have a customised message inscribed on the sparkler tags.

    Firework Packs

    Firework packs: An ideal firework selection for those looking to extend their fireworks display up to 15 minutes and more. They are suitable for maximum effect at the given time to make a wedding memorable. Fire packs are named as such owing to the fact that they come pre-packed with a selection of fireworks that complement each other in displayed effect. Like all other wedding fireworks, you can choose from a range of packings as per your budget.

    It is important to understand that, like all incendiary materials, firework packs have to be enjoyed responsibly with caution. Enjoy a rocking wedding event with our firework packs