Have you ever felt like something is missing when you’re hosting an event at your home or a dinner or a birthday party or anything at all? Do you feel the need to produce some crackle? OR that one spark needed to just wrap the event into perfection? Well if you are any one of the above mentioned sapiens then we have just the thing you need for your moments: Indoor sparklers!

Indoor Sparklers

Indoor Sparklers are just the spark you need for your event to go perfectly. They are fun to play with and easy to use. They aren’t harmful and are definitely enchanting especially when everyone lights them up, the overall scenario isn’t much less magical than harry potter and his magical wand. Actually when you’re swishing your sparkler around, you will definitely feel like part of the harry potter crew when they are casting some spells and I’m pretty sure all of us here are fans of harry potter. On a serious note though, indoor sparkles provide just the charm needed for a perfect evening.


Indoor sparklers have been very common in all parts of the world. However, there is no denying the fact that very dangerous chemicals and toxins were used in its creation. Before the smoke the sparklers emitted was dangerous also the fire was extremely bright and could very well blow up the place if used incorrectly. However, with advancements in pyrotechnics, the sparklers became tolerable to the environment as well as health. Nowadays it is safe to the point where even kids can use them comfortably. Parties brighten up when sparklers are used. Sparklers are very much needed in an event; without them the event seems incomplete. However, even now with good sparklers, precautionary measures are a must. Once must be careful at all times when dealing with fire and that’s a basic rule for even the most expert ones.

Types of Sparklers

There are various types of indoor sparklers, in the form various shapes and sizes.

  • Some indoor sparklers are thin and huge with stick-like formation or as I like to call them a wand. They exist from 10 to 12inches.
  • Some indoor sparklers are thick and are looped.
  • Some are in the form of various shapes like lettered form or heart shaped.
  • Some are rocket shaped which when left on the ground (concrete), circle in their respective places.
  • Some are simple stick like with the burning tip and these are usually longer in size reaching up to 20 inches.

Precautionary Measures

Although these sparklers are made for indoor purposes, still one must be careful in their usage.

  • Try to be careful when lighting them, do not hold it near a carpet or a wire.
  • If the combustible area is a bit parched, then do not use that flame as there is a chance it might light up the wrong way causing harm.
  • Read the instructions at the back and see whether the current sparkler is appropriate for inside use or not. The rocket sparkler mentioned above must be used on hard concrete ground.

Final Verdict

So, while sparklers can be harmful if not carefully used, they can also be extremely fun and be the life of a party. Use the indoor sparklers in your gathering once and you’ll be so addicted that you’d use them again and again. So be sure to buy some and let us know how they work out!