Want to have a magical birthday full of sparkles, light and fun? Take a look at our birthday sparklers which are produced just so you can have your day multiplied by thousand when it comes to fun.

Now I know all of us want to have a memorable birthday. While none of us like to admit this fact, we all love the idea of having a birthday cake and candles and everything required for our day. Before, all of us would settle for simple old candles to brighten our cake but now, we want a bit of spice added into the mixture and what better way to ensure it than adding sparklers on your cake?

Sparklers as the word imply will add that fun to your birthday without causing any harm. Imagine you’re cake suddenly lighting up shooting flame like a mini firework. Who doesn’t love fireworks? But since you can’t have them all the time In the sky then we created its mini versions which you can definitely light your home with.

Since birthdays are memorable so sparklers are just the thing to make you remember it for centuries and most important wait eagerly for the next time.

Sparklers (not just birthday cake sparklers) are a very primitive idea. However, before they were made from some very toxic chemicals, now however their construction isn’t that toxic thanks to the advancement in pyrotechnics. Some are still dangerous but the sparklers we are discussing is in no way harmful to you and your health. A little precaution is required on your part but you know what they say: “Even the most beautiful flower can turn out to be deadly if not dealt with carefully”

Types of Sparklers
Sparklers come in different shapes and types:

  • Some of them are huge and are in the form of pencils but thicker in width.
  • Some of them are smaller and are in the form of tiny sticks.
  • They can be found in the form of circles.
  • They can be found in the form letters.
  • They can be found in the form of various shapes.
  • The sizes vary from 10inches to 15 and 20 depending upon the one you want.
  • You can get loop shaped sparklers in which you have to light the loop. It’s very beautiful and the flame nicely surrounds the loop.

Possible Precautions

  • Do not let kids hold the flame or stand near it.
  • Do not light the sparklers in a way where they are near to wires.
  • Do not light them without inserting them properly in the cake. There is a support attached to a sparkler, use the ones which have the support present. If there is no support, then refrain from using that candle.
  • Do not light them on a carpet because no matter how safe it is, it’s still a flame and only a spark is required for a full blown fire.
  • Do not let the kids chew it or put it in their mouths.
  • Look for the ingredients in the back as some are not good for usage on cakes.

Final Words
Hence birthday cake sparklers are nowadays stealing the spotlight on birthdays. If you want your birthday to be unique and fun, then do buy these birthday cake sparklers.

Like discussed above, a little precaution is necessary but other than that they are completely safe and fun to use birthday cake sparklers. So celebrate your birthday with these and let us know about your experience!