Picture this: You wake up and go downstairs or out of your room. There on the table is your favourite cake with the right amount of frosting and decorations etc. Then everyone yells a huge and loud “surprise”, you’re happy and then you blow your candles, make a wish and cut your cake. Next time the same thing happens, suddenly the whole scenario loses its spark, it’s fun. And you’re no longer as excited as you usually were. And how would you be? You see and experience the same thing repeatedly, be that with your friends or your family or anyone else close to you.

Same old routine of blowing out candles and then cutting the cake. What happened to creativity and originality?

For those who want something different and a chance to really experience happiness at their birthdays, we have just the thing for you: Cake sparklers.

Why Choose Cake Sparklers?

Something Attractive

Cake sparklers although is in use nowadays pretty much everywhere, you can’t deny the fact that your cake or birthday appears ten times more attractive than usual.

Your Mini Fireworks

Cake sparklers keep on glowing for a minute at least and although you can’t wish and blow it out, you can certainly enjoy the beautiful sparks and feel extremely special. Think of them like fireworks, we all get excited when the sky is illuminated by fireworks no matter how many times we see them or experience them or better yet light them ourselves.

Cake sparklers work the similar ways, the difference is that instead of a huge firework in the sky, you experience a mini one at home on your birthday cake.

Fireworks are allowed on a special occasion right so putting some on your cake will make your normal birthday special for sure.

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t love fireworks? And to have them on your cake? Well let’s just say you must be a very serious person if you don’t enjoy them.

So Much to Choose From

Cake sparklers are really beautiful and come in a variety of shapes and colours as well as forms. You can have them in lettered form or alphabet, you can always have them in different shapes, you can have them in different sizes. The longest that we know off are 20” in size but with advancements in technology, there must be bigger. Also, if you’re the type who want them to be lighting up for a lot of time, then there are some available which lights up for 3mins or 4 as well. Depends upon the place you’re buying them from. You can always find them online as well so I wouldn’t worry much about it.


Some people discourage sparklers on cakes because of safety and health issues. For all those, I can assure you that cake sparklers are extremely safe, there are no toxins or harmful chemicals used in them neither do they contain some sort of harmful emissions which can create cough, asthma or any other health related problems.

Cake sparklers nowadays are completely safe; you can use them on your foods also there are different sparklers available for everything so you can easily select the ones which do not affect the food.