How to take Photos with Wedding Sparklers

Sparkler Photography is a massive Wedding Trend in 2019. Wedding sparklers create glamorous shots with dazzling effects


Wedding Sparkler Photography

Photos with wedding sparklers are simply stunning. The glittering fountains of golden sparkles will create an enchanting ambience thats adds serious impact to your images.

Photography is one of the most important facets of your wedding. Choosing the best photographer and deciding on the perfect photo location will occupy a significant proportion of your wedding planning. In this informative article we offer some great wedding sparkler photography tips to save you time and to ensure a smooth running event.

When to schedule sparkler shots:

Wedding sparklers are most enchanting at sunset or dusk. With soft ambient light in the sky, you are going to get your most magical shots. Sparkler shots also work better as its gets darker. If you’re using sparklers indoors during the day, the effect will be heightened if you draw the drapes or blinds of your event space and dim the lights.


Types of wedding sparkler shots:


Wedding Sparkler Group Shots:

Group photos with wedding sparklers are easy to organise. They also look amazing if you get them right. The sparklers add a wonderful glowing light to your images. Waving wedding sparklers creates flares of glittering sparkles will ensure that your photos look out of this world.


  • Make sure that your guests do not stand too close together, but in a loose group of 6 – 12 people. You don’t want dresses being burned and the extra space allows for the wisps of smoke to be caught by the camera.


  • Find someone super responsible to light the wedding sparklers, wearing a pair of safety gloves and using a proper gas lighter (never use matches or a small cigarette lighter).


  • Make sure that not too much ambient lighting is coming from the front.


  • If you don’t have back-lighting or flash-guns, a great idea is to have one person hold their mobile facing towards the camera with the light turned on. Simply focus on the light with the auto-focus mode of the camera turned on, focus on the lit phone, then switch your camera into manual focus mode and don’t touch it further.


  • Purchase 16’ Inch to 18” inch sized wedding sparklers as they have a burn time of well over a minute, which is enough to get optimal shots. These wedding sparklers are also less likely to cause accidental burns on precious wedding and bridesmaids gowns.

Long Exposure Sparkler Shots

If you’re keen on having a lot of fun with wedding sparkler photography, a dazzling idea is to take slow shutter speed shots while creating amazing shapes in the air with the wedding sparklers.


  • Spell out the word “LOVE” or create a sparkling spiral in the air around the bride and groom.


  • Use 18” inch wedding sparklers so that you have the maximum burn time in which to create your aerial shapes.


  • These shots perform best after the sun has set. Plan accordingly.


(*** insert pictures of “LOVE “ being spelt out in the air – or “Spirals”  etc HERE please.)


Sparkler Exit Shots:

Brides of 2019 are opting largely for a fabulous “Wedding Exit” or “Wedding Send-Off” moment. The guests form a corridor outside the venue and light wedding sparklers simultaneously to create a scintillating tunnel that the newly wedded couple leave the party through. Waving their individual wedding sparkler, each guest becomes an integral part of their celebration moment.


  • Ensure that each guest is pre-informed about the timing and protocol of the Wedding Send-Off.


  • Have someone responsible light the sparklers one-by-one using safety gloves.


  • Have at least 2 spare wedding sparklers per guest at hand to ensure you don’t lose your photographic moment if a sparkler doesn’t light, or the timing is longer than expected.