How to create a perfect Wedding Sparkler Send-Off

The perfect wedding will conclude as beautifully as it began. Wedding sparkler exits are a charming ‘Grande Finale’ for your special day.


What is a Wedding Sparkler Send-off?

Wedding exits”, also known as “Wedding Send-offs” are timed at the end of the celebration when the bride and groom make their farewells and leave for their Honeymoon. As they exit the venue together, the guests are requested to form a corridor by standing side-by-side in two opposite rows, facing each other. As the newly-weds leave the venue, the guests light wedding sparklers simultaneously, forming a glittering tunnel for the happy couple to exit through.

Wedding Send-offs offer a truly romantic and touching way to conclude an elegantly planned wedding celebration. They are an opportunity for all loved ones; friends and family, to gather united in a common bond to wish the wedded couple well for their new journey in life together. Sparklers inspire a dreamy fairy-tale atmosphere with their trails of silver or golden sparkles forming an arch of light over the exiting couple.


How to plan a Wedding Sparkler Send-Off:

Like every aspect of your wedding celebration, the sparkler exit must be extremely well organised. Sparklers are hot to handle, although perfectly safe as long as you follow the safety precautions that come with them, hold them by their handles and do not touch the burning tips to any materials. Your guests need to be fully informed as to how to handle their sparklers, when to light them and where to dispose of extinguished ones.


How to Deliver Sparklers to guests:

Provide each guest with a gift bag containing a few sparklers (a minimum of two to three sparklers per guest is advisable) or a small bundle of sparklers elegantly wrapped in silver or gold twine. Do this well before the wedding send-off is due to take place.


How to order sparklers

Bulk buy your wedding sparklers from to save massively on your wedding budget. You can receive packs of 50, 100 or more sparklers in one wholesale order. Indoor sparklers are also available.


When to hand out the sparklers

Either you can arrange to place the sparklers at your guests’ individual table place setting prior to the meal beginning. Alternatively, a nice gesture is to have the Bridesmaids hand them out one-by-one from gorgeously decorated baskets about 20 minutes before the planned exit time. Then each guest could be individually informed as to the protocol and safety precautions.


Wedding Sparkler Tags

Use wedding sparkler tags to label the sparklers with simple instructions. For example, print out small sticky labels and simply stick them on each tag with the message: “Sparkler Farewell”: All gather at 10 pm at exit A.  We light sparklers together at 10.10 pm sharp.” To ensure that you have ushers on duty to manage the wedding send-off and to provide information on how to safely light and dispose of sparklers.

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