Top Big Sparklers of 2019

Don’t miss out on the best big sparklers of the year. Giant sparklers will amaze your guests. Find out more about large sparklers in this comprehensive review.

Sparklers that WOW the crowd!

If you are hosting a big event; like a Diwali Celebration, a New Year’s Eve festivity or a wedding party, then why not try out a party accessory that gains maximum attention? Giant sparklers and large sparklers are guaranteed to WOW your friends and family. Just imagine spectacular showers of the rainbow or golden light creating a magical ambience at a key moment of your celebration.


Are big sparklers safe to use?

Sparklers are fireworks that are mounted on metal sticks which make them safe to hold in the hand. The longer your sparklers are, the longer they will burn for. Large sparklers will create a bigger aura of dazzling light than smaller sizes. They are, however, proper mini-explosive devices, so all fire-safety regulations should be strictly adhered to while using them. Sparklers come with clear instructions for use on the box. Read them well and handle with care.


Big Sparkler sizes:

Large Sparklers are between 14” inches for a big sparkler to 18” inches long for a giant sparkler. Smaller sparklers are suitable for indoors events, while the large sparklers should really be only used outdoors. Also available in stock are large sparklers at 16” and 17” inches long.


How many big sparklers to buy?

You can create a wonderful pyrotechnics display using large or giant sparklers. Be sure that your dazzling spectacle lights up the night by ordering a suitable amount for your event. Plan on ordering at least 2-3 sparklers per guest to be sure that you don’t run out of light or that your display lasts for a long enough time.


Top Giant Sparklers Review of 2019

We have grouped the large sparklers available at into five easy categories to choose from. Once you know how many to order for your guests, make sure that you have an adequate outdoor space in which to light your giant sparklers.


Best large sparklers to bulk-buy

Big events need more planning and more provisions. Avoid going over your planned budget by purchasing your giant sparklers in bulk online at Both of our two fabulous bulk buy recommendations come in packs of 50 pieces each, which is a comfortable quantity for a party of 20 -30 people approximately.


  • 18” inch Extra Long sparklers are the longest size in stock. These super large sparklers crackle loudly when lit, so if you’re noise-sensitive, don’t buy these fellows. They are perfect for Diwali and New Year celebrations, namely occasions where it's acceptable for guests to go a bit wild with light and noise. Appropriately.


  • 16” inch Long Sparklers also come in a pack of 50 pieces each and give off a stunning golden light. They are the perfect buy if you’re planning a spectacular bride and groom send-off. The guests form a long tunnel of light with their shining sparklers, guiding the wedded couple from the party and off to married bliss. This size is perfect for a wedding exit as they are long enough to burn for over a minute but not too long that they become unwieldy.


Best big sparklers for little events:

If your event is less than twenty people, but you’re still looking for something super fun to use as an accessory, then 16’ Inch British Bulldog Mega Long Sparklers are perfect. They come in a pack of 10 pieces and give off a lovely golden light.

If your event is small, but still deserves a sparkle, then we highly recommend the 17” Benwell Monster Sparklers in packs of 4.


Best buys in Multi-Coloured Big Sparklers:

Colour your party up with rainbow sparkles. These small packs of 4 giant sparklers each will radiate gorgeously .multi-coloured light.

Best crackling effect sparklers:

Last but not least, if you’re looking for great audio effects, then the 14” inch Bright Star Crackling Monster Sparklers are your perfect choice of a big sparkler. This pack of 4 pieces is a winner for a birthday party that goes off with a bang!