Top 5 Wedding Sparklers

A simple yet concise guide to choosing the perfect wedding sparklers for your event.

Why use Wedding Sparklers?

Sparklers make your event more memorable, not only because they add brilliance to your celebration, but also because they ensure awesome wedding photographs. These cheeky little fireworks-on-a-stick are simple and easy to use, simply light one up and wave to create dazzling effects.

Sparklers come in many shapes and sizes, such as heart-shaped sparklers and star-shaped sparklers. Innovative designs can add another level of creativity to your special celebration.


Planning precautions for using Wedding Sparklers:


  1. The first thing to consider is whether you have permission from your wedding venue to use wedding sparklers at all. In the UK risk-assessments will have to be performed if you wish to use them at a National Heritage Site. Check your insurance and with the venue proprietors as to your legal stance.


  1. Decide whether you are going to use indoor or outdoor wedding sparklers. If your event location has an outdoor aspect to it, you can think about using the larger sized sparklers which have a longer burn time – but be sure to only use them outside.


  1. If your event is held indoors, then you’re going to be better off with smaller sized wedding sparklers like heart-shaped sparklers and star-shaped sparklers. Again, check with your venue hosts as to the legalities involved in using sparklers for your celebration.



  1. Have your safety precautions well in place before the event begins. Make sure you’ve got a few metal buckets filled with sand dotted around the area where you’re planning to stage your fireworks show. These are for disposing of spent wedding sparklers safely and also can be used to dowse any unexpected fires. Do warn your guests to hold their sparklers far away from any bridal gowns or wedding garments. (just to be on the safe side).


Heart and Star-shaped Sparklers:

Wedding sparklers are versatile party accessories.  You can use to them for a wedding exit scenario, where all the guests hold a heart-shaped sparkler and wave the blissful couple through a fairy-tale glittering archway, on to their newly wedded life.

Another brilliant way to be wonderfully innovative with sparklers, is to use heart-shaped sparklers and star-shaped sparklers to decorate your wedding cake. Setting them off at the big moment of cutting the cake will attract the attention and admiration of your guests.

Wedding Sparkler Buckets:

For an incredibly eye-catching and stunning party effect, place about eight to twelve heart-shaped sparklers mixed up with star-shaped sparklers into a metal bucket. At a certain pre-planned moment, have someone light the sparklers one-by one. Step back and be amazed by the dazzling effect of a wedding sparkler bucket.

Top 5 Wedding Sparklers of 2019

1.      7” inch Heart-Shaped Sparklers:

These romantic decorative accessories look stunning on a wedding cake or in a wedding sparkler bucket. They are small enough to be used indoors and can also be held by hand.

2.      7” inch Star-shaped Sparklers

Star shapes add a twinkle to your event. If you’re following a sparkly theme for your wedding, then these are an absolute winner.

3.      18” inch Extra Long Sparklers 50 piece per pack

Very popular for outdoors events featuring photography with sparkler group shots. With a long burn time of a minute and a half, you can ensure the magic moment will be captured perfectly.

4.      16” Long Sparklers: 50 pieces per pack

These medium-sized outdoor sparklers are fabulous for a wedding send-off. Expect a super smooth experience.

5.      14” inch Medium Sparklers: 50 pieces per pack

A very popular wedding sparkler as it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Probably the most versatile sparkler available at