Top 10 Small Fireworks and Sparklers

Sparklers and small fireworks are wonderful party accessories. They’re safe to use indoors, discreet and deliver stunning lighting effects.


Small Sparklers:

4” inch sparklers are your smallest sized sparkler. They are safe to use for any indoor event as cake decorations or simply to have all the guest light them at a special single moment. It’s advisable that children are supervised when their sparklers are lit. 7” inch and 10” inch sparklers are also considered safe to use indoors.

Are Sparklers safe to use?

Sparklers and fireworks sold by are of superlative quality. They’ve been tested and approved according to current safety standards. They don’t give off copious smoke or toxic fumes and are considered to be ‘food safe” i.e. you can place them on the surface of a cake or dessert and light them without any ill effect.

With Sparklers Timing is Key.

4” Inch sparklers will burn for approximately 30 seconds, 6” inch sparklers will burn for up to 40 seconds and 7” inch sparklers will burn for about 50 seconds. Timing is crucial during a well-planned event, so be sure have enough sparklers at hand in order to keep the light shining for your special moment.

Weddings with Sparklers

Have each of your guests light a sparkler during the speeches, or at the moment when the newly married couple step onto the dance-floor for their first waltz. 4”Inch sparklers are very safe to use indoors and perfect for such moments. Sparklers create a magnificent ambient lighting effect which enhances photo and video photography.

Small fireworks

Fireworks, unlike sparklers, do not have a handle to be held by. Fireworks are lit and then thrown or launched like rockets. These little pyrotechnics devices can create quite a brilliant display of light and sounds and come in many different shapes, sizes and effects.

How to use small fireworks:

Small fireworks are very popular party accessories. They are believed to bring good luck to your celebration. A good fireworks display needs some serious organisation. Your first consideration should be whether to light them one-by-one, all at the same time or to give them to your guests directly to use as they please. If you are planning for guests to simply enjoy lighting and throwing them, then small fireworks are going to be a lot safer than using large ones.

How many small fireworks to order:

There are very handy fireworks packs available which have large selections of up to 8 different effects of small fireworks. No need to worry which type to purchase, your only concern will be how many shots to buy. A 650 shot pack per 100 guests is a good average figure. Half that amount for 50 guests etc.

The Top Ten Small Fireworks and Sparklers:

Indoor cake and cocktail sparklers:

These handy 4” inch sparklers are perfect for a large indoor celebration They give off golden sparkles and are safe and easy to use.  You will receive a wholesale set of 1660 small sparklers for a super bargain price. If you are planning a spectacular wedding send-off, or if you’re holding a Diwali or New Year's Eve party, then this is the perfect selection to make.

Ultimate 56 Fireworks Kit:

This stupendous selection for a dazzling light show runs a close second to our winner. A definite must for your larger event. You will receive 650 shots of different effect fireworks which will delight and entertain the guests.. This wonderful fireworks selection package is the ultimate in firework party accessories.

The Showtime Quad fireworks package:

For a medium to smaller size event, the Showtime Quad fireworks package is a great choice. You will receive 276 fireworks shots with several different and stunning effects.

Indoor Mini Sparklers:

Mini Sparklers are 4” inch sparklers which come in a pack of 50 pieces each. This is the perfect amount for a small to medium celebration with sparklers.

Indoor Small Sparklers:

You will love these 7” inch small sparklers. They come in a pack of 50 pieces, are safe to use indoors and are very reasonably priced.

Fireworks selection Boxes:

These wonderful selection boxes of small fireworks come in a choice Bronze, Silver, Platinum and Gold.

Big Bang Fireworks Kit:

A great selection of 327 small fireworks shots.

Cake Sparklers:

7” inch long sparkles which are great for cake decorating Try letters, shapes or numbers to be extra creative.

Indoor ice fountain sparklers:

6” inch sparklers shoot a fountain of sparks into the air. They come Gold, Silver, Pink, Blue or Black

Indoor sparklers:

If its coloured sparkles you’re looking, then these 7” inch indoor sparklers are perfect. They come in packs of 10 in Yellow, Blue, Green and Pink colours. Great for kids parties.