Sparklers and Fireworks Guide

Are you planning to use sparklers or fireworks for your celebration? Purchase a firework safety kit to ensure a safe event.

Sparklers and fireworks are fabulous lighting accessories and will create a spectacular light show for your party guests. But they can be dangerous if not handled correctly. It’s important to abide by the simple safety precautions mentioned in this article when using these domestic pyrotechnics.

The most sensible way forward is to use specially designed safety equipment for handling fireworks properly. The firework safety kit from contains all you need to host a safe event with sparklers or fireworks.

What is in a Fireworks Safety Kit?

Although all fireworks products sold at are safety tested and approved under British safety standards, it is sensible to treat these explosive accessories with care.   The fireworks safety kit contains a metal bucket, a safe lighting device and a set of 3 safety sparkler flares

The metal bucket should be filled with sand before the event begins and placed in a convenient and accessible location. Make sure to label it with a clearly printed sign indicating that the bucket is for disposing of spent sparklers and fireworks or any burning materials.

Using the safe-lighting device will ensure that no fingers or noses get burnt while the sparklers or fireworks are lit. These fireworks lighter are larger than an average lighter and heat-resistant.

Sparkler flares shoot out a jet of sparkles – but these safety flares make sure that accidents don’t happen.

Sparkler Safety Tips:

Sparklers are simple fireworks mounted on a metal stick.  They can be safely held in the hand without fear of causing an injury. When lit, the sparkler flares into life, it will burn brightly for a minute or so, depending on the sparkler length.  During this period, the tip of the sparkler will become white hot and is a potential fire and injury hazard.

General Sparkler Precautions:

Indoor Sparkler Precautions: 

  • Clear a space around the area and make sure that no furniture, table-cloths or drapes are within reach.
  • Only use indoor sparklers (4” inches to 10” inches long)
  • Have a metal bucket filled with sand at the ready in which guests can safely dispose of their burnt-out sparklers.

Outdoor Sparkler Precautions:

You can quite safely use bigger sized sparklers outdoors. It is tempting to use many outdoors sparklers at once to create a more dazzling display. This can be achieved by either to tying sparklers in bundles or arranging them in metal buckets filled with sand.

  • Only light one sparkler at a time, using the safety lighting device found in the fireworks safety kit. Never try to light a bunch of sparklers all at once, you may spark an explosion.
  • Keep your guests at a safe distance from a big display of fireworks or sparklers.