Best Ways to Decorate Your Birthday Cake

Birthdays are special occasions and birthday cakes are the crowning glory. Make your cake extra special with birthday cake sparklers.

What are cake sparklers?

If you’re looking to grab the admiration and full-attention of your party guests, then cake sparklers are the best decorations to use. They are mini-fireworks that you simply place on a birthday cake. Light them at that special moment when everyone sings “Happy Birthday” and candles are blown and wishes are made.

Once lit with a flame, birthday cake sparklers send off amazing showers of golden, silver or multi-coloured sparks. The display lasts about 50 seconds to a minute, depending on the sparkler length. Cake sparklers are perfectly safe to use indoors and are safe to use as decorations on food.

6 Great Ideas for using Cake Sparklers

 1. Message on a cake

Use Letter Sparklers to spell out the birthday boy or girl’s name on the cake. Alternatively, you use letter sparklers to spell out birthday phrases, such as: “Love”, “Best Wishes” or “Happy Birthday” (but only if your cake is large enough).

Do plan well before baking or ordering your birthday cake. Think about the size of your cake and how many sparklers you can fit on it, then go ahead and order your sparklers online from

2. Timeline Cake

Use Number Sparklers to write the age of the birthday person on the cake.. Another similar idea is to use birthday cake sparklers to put a special date or memorable year on the cake. An example could be the birth year for a christening party, first birthday or centenary celebration.

Remember that you can pair your number sparklers with letter sparklers to put a name and age together on your cake or to add on a special date.

3. Ice Fountain Sparklers on Cake:

Ice Fountain sparklers are super fun cake sparklers that will amaze those gathered to sing the time honoured lyrics: “Happy Birthday to You’. These handy 6” inch size sparklers shoot a dazzling upward-cascade of sparks into the air. They are available in a delectable array of colours with 2 pieces per pack. Choose from a selection of Black, Pink, Blue or Silver to co-ordinate with your planned party décor scheme.

4. Rainbow Coloured Sparkles:

Match your cake sparklers to your chosen birthday colour theme. Indoor Sparklers come in generous packs of ten sparklers each,  so you can afford to play around and be extra creative. Select your sparklers from a delightful colour range of Yellow, Blue, Green and Pink.

5. Sparkle your cake with Shapes:

Why not use Star shaped Sparklers and Heart Shaped Coated Sparklers to jazz up your cake and make it look really special? They look super sensational on the cake before being lit, and their golden sparkles will enhance ambient lighting to create a wonderful photographic moment.

6. Small but discreet cake decorations:

If you’re looking to create a bit of dazzle, but don’t wish to attract too much attention away from the cake itself, then we recommended the smaller sized mini sparklers. They give off a golden light and are available in Black, Pink, Gold, Silver and Blue.

All Birthday cake sparklers give off golden sparkles. They’re a convenient 7” inch size and will burn for approximately 40 seconds.