Make The Perfect Wedding With These Wedding Sparklers

Plan With Your Wedding Sparklers


Are you planning the perfect wedding and want to find a unique way to make all of your guests an active part of your wedding celebrations? Is so then you may want to light up your wedding and wedding reception by providing your each of your adult guests with one or more wedding sparklers.

Wedding Sparklers can be used in a variety of different ways to add a bit more fun, excitement and beauty to your wedding including forming a backdrop for your wedding photos, used as a send-off for the bride and groom and even to add excitement to your wedding cake.


How to Light Up Sparklers For Weddings

When using sparklers for wedding or for any other occasion you are going to want to take precautions to ensure any guests using your sparklers know how to light up sparklers correctly. Lighting up sparklers is really a simple and easy process you simply make sure that your sparkler is not close to anything flammable or any people and then either turn the sparkle horizontally or with the tip turned down slightly.

Once you light your sparkler you need to extend your arm and hold it out as far from your body as possible while making sure that you are not touching other guests or their clothing.


Indoor Sparklers For Wedding Celebrations

Indoor sparklers for your wedding reception should be somewhat limited since many guests will drink alcohol and not only is alcohol extremely flammable, but people who are under the influence tend to not always take safety precautions seriously. Therefore you may want to limit the use of sparklers at the wedding reception to lighting a couple of indoor sparklers to announce the couple entering the reception.

Another great use for indoor sparklers at the wedding celebrations is placing an indoor ice fountain on top of the wedding cake and lighting it just before the cake cutting. An ice fountain will certainly bring attention to the wedding cake and the cutting of the cake, which is one of the highlights of most wedding receptions.


Wedding Sparklers UK Sending Off the Bride and Groom


Probably the most common use of wedding sparklers UK is for the sending off the bride and groom at the end of the wedding reception. Who needs birdseed or bubbles to send off the bride and groom after the reception when wedding sparklers UK can light the way into the future for the newly joined couple.

When using sparklers for the wedding send-off make sure that the people who line up to form an aisle for the bride and groom to walk through are far enough spaced that the sparklers don't come in contact with other guests or their clothing. You are probably going to want to choose the longest sparklers possible so that the sparklers will last while the bride and groom and walking to their send-off vehicle.

Make sure that after the send-off all of the sparklers wires are picked up and properly disposed of.

Wedding sparklers can add a bit of added flair to your wedding and make your wedding and reception even more fun for your guests.