Which Pink And Star Sparklers You Must Use To Make Great Sparkler Ideas

Sparklers are a great way to celebrate a festive event. It can be a wedding, birthday party or any other event. They add colour and life to a party and leave some great memories with you and your guests. They come in a great variety of colour and sizes. Depending upon your budget, you can choose as per your preferences.

However, you need to understand a few important points when you decide to use sparklers for any event. They are essentially combustible and can cause minor risk, if used improperly. The first and foremost is, how to light up a sparkler?


How to Light Up a Sparkler and make them great sparkler ideas

Lighting up a sparkler seems to be simple (and in fact it is simple). However, sparklers carry the potential to cause minor burns if they are not lit with proper applications and due caution. First of all, in any event, you need to select a point where the sparklers are not directly exposed to wind or strong gusts of air. Exposure to wind can cause their sparks to drop on clothes or exposed parts of the body. Light a single sparkler at one time. Lighting them in a bundle (or more than one) is highly unsafe. Never use an ordinary match stick to light a sparkler. An ordinary match stick doesn’t burn for enough duration to light a sparkler. Besides, you have to keep your fingers too close to a sparkler to expose it to the flame. The best tools to light up a sparkler are lighters (butane, long BIC, and barbecue). The smartest way is to light a single sparkler and then use it for lighting the rest of the sparklers. You will need to position the tip of the sparkler horizontally and downwards while exposing it to a lighter flame. The farthest end of a sparkler is the best point to light it up. Mix the below for great Sparkler Ideas.

Another interesting aspect of the sparklers is their colour and shapes of the sparklers. You can use the colour of the sparklers to depict a certain event or highlight the theme of a specific occasion. An example of such a colour usage is of pink sparklers.


Pink Sparklers

Pink sparklers are a perfect mean to celebrate a feminized theme. It is most appropriate for gender reveal party for your newborn. The best way to keep the gender secret until the last moment and announce it with the lighting of pink sparklers. Similar themes can be celebrated with female birthdays and add colour to wedding functions. Pink sparklers only reveal their colour when they are light up. In packaged form, they are coloured just like any other sparkler. Your guests will only view the theme colour when you light up pink sparklers.

Star Shaped Sparklers

As evident from the name, these types of sparklers are shaped like a star and meant to add an extra touch to any festive celebrations. Star shaped sparklers are mostly designed with a wire core to ensure minimum smoke production during the process of burning. They burn from both sides simultaneously and produce double the volume of sparks in comparison with an ordinary sparkler. Owing to their superior display quality, they are best suited for events where maximum sparkle and colour is desired.


Sparklers come in a wide range of variety (colour and shapes). You can choose the colour and shape in accordance with your desired theme and party mood. You need to know the correct method of lighting them up to enjoy them safely. Use the correct method and add magnificent colours to your event.