Card Factory Cake Sparklers vs.

Much has been said about how white label cake sparkler brands and generic brands all have the same effect. In fact, it’s tempting to declare that they are all the same product in different wrappers, regardless of whether the manufacturers tag it a ‘speciality’ or ‘white label’ brand. So, one begins to wonder: If they’re all the same, how come there’s a clear difference in the experience of some celebrants and event planners when it comes to cake sparklers?

The answer, it seems, comes from the quality of service that sparkler suppliers like and Card Factory provide. There’s no point in sparklers arriving a day after you need them, or receiving cake sparklers damaged in transit without time to order for replacements. You need a company that’s reliable enough to get the products to you in the best shape and the quickest possible times to set the tone for the rest of your event preparations.

Over the past few years, and Card Factory have set themselves apart for elite-class service delivery in all things sparklers. Now, we’ll discover which one of them has what it takes to claim the top spot in the sparkler industry based on some extremely vital considerations. But first, let’s get to know the two competitors.


‘Let’s Celebrate with Sparklers.’ That’s the honest wish of this company as emphasized in its motto, and with low prices and occasional promo deals, it plays its part in getting you interested in using its products – a feat it has gone from strength to strength in achieving for the past five years.

What’s really cool is how still manages to deliver sparklers from the most popular brands from across Europe, including the Royal Party, Benwell, British Bulldog, Scorpion, and Brothers at those amazing prices. The perfect blend of top-drawer sparkler products and low prices has made the company to beat in the world of cake sparklers.

Card Factory Sparklers :

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Another top-dog in the sparkler industry is the Card Factory, a greeting card stock outfit that has slowly carved out a niche for themselves as major distributors for event planning supplies. It deals majorly in balloons, gift bags, wrapping paper, and to an extent, cake sparklers.

The primary offering of Card Factory is its personalized greeting cards, trimmings, and gift boxes you can explore for your event. The company is established in the UK and produces all of its own stuff, so you can rest assured of its quality.


Shipping Speed

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Card Factory has an excellent supply chain that works really hard in providing quick delivery that has a minimal delivery failure rate., on the other hand, has redefined the meaning of superfast product delivery and continues to lay down the markers as the fastest shipping option in the sparkler industry. Many event planners have gushed about how has saved their schedules and plans from going into disarray by coming even earlier than expected almost every time they ordered. also care enough to deliver express delivery for those that must make last-minute orders. With as your product supplier, the message is clear – you’ll celebrate with sparklers on your big day, whether you remember early or not!  

Winner: Both

Customer Support

Cake Sparklers Card Factory Image 4 is not ashamed to care about its clients. The company always wants to make sure that its products make a brilliant impact on the lives and moments of any and every customer it deals with. Thus, its customer support department is available 24/7 to deal with any complaints or inquiries you might have. There’s also a neat interface on the online store that keeps you updated on the progress of your order.

Card Factory is almost as admirable in handling its clients. With its strong presence across the UK, the company efficiently caters to complaints on its services professionally and helpfully.



Card Factory produces all its own items, and that makes it easier for the company to adjust its prices to what will suit the market. They might not be the cheapest items on the market, but they are still very affordable. And the product prices should be a testament to their decent quality.

In comparison, is in direct contact with manufacturers of the best sparklers, not only in the UK but across Europe. The company deals with all the biggest and esteemed brands in Europe, including the Royal Party, Benwell, British Bulldog, Scorpion, and Brothers. And it’s been able to negotiate cut-price deals for its first-rate products to seize monopoly on the lowest prices on the best cake sparklers you can see in the market.


Product Quality

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Since Card Factory doesn’t use external manufacturers to produce its sparklers, it has a unique standard for its products. On the other hand, uses a special algorithm to rank products based on the reviews they’ve had from previous purchases. This difference in their mode of operation makes it easy to determine which service is best for you.

Card Factory promises you a great experience, while gives different options to choose from so you can sieve which of its branded products has the type of reviews that you’ll like to give after it proves itself to be a sparkling addition to the unforgettable moments in your photo album.


Packaging and Delivery Integrity

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The biggest hurdle with these products is the unshakeable fear that they will fail because they have been mishandled during their transport to you. Testing sparklers before the big party isn’t exactly the most crucial part of event planning, so it’s best to know that you’re getting products from a reputable source that won’t deliver broken and damaged goods.

That’s why it’s great to know that both companies place great value in making sure that the sparklers get to you in the best condition possible. has a world-class warehouse that keeps the cake sparklers in a suitable environment during transitory storage. Also, the products that go through are BS (EN) approved, so they’re durable sparklers anyway. Card Factory also has good storage facilities to keep the sparklers in tip-top shape.

Winner: Both


The most significant difference between what these two companies offer is in their options. Since Card Factory deals majorly in greeting cards and other gift items, its cake sparklers are just side-hustles for the other products it offers. Also, the company has fewer options since it only sells items that it produces.

However, is obviously all about sparklers, and that drives its advantage to a different class of its own. The diversity in sparkler designs and excitement is second to none.


Bottom Line

Card Factory has a say in the sparkler supply market, but has the variety, the low prices, and the focus on sparklers. Even the company name shows how much it excels over any other company in the sparkler niche. The winner couldn’t be more obvious.