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When it comes to sparklers, there are two key competitors on the market. Whether you are looking for indoor, outdoor or handheld sparklers, both Clintons' Sparklers and offer a wide range of options. To make this option easier for you, we are going to breakdown the two websites, and what they offer, ensuring that you can get the right candles for your events.


Please See Alice Williams Review of both companies..


Selection between Sparkler Candles Clintons and


When it comes to having a wide selection of candles, Clintons cannot compare to Clintons' selection of sparklers is very streamlined, meaning that they only offer the basics. In comparison, have an unparalleled assortment of candles. When conducting our research, we trailed mammoth-sized sparklers, neon coated sparklers and ice fountain sparklers. Each of these was great fun, so if you are looking for a wider choice of candles, I would suggest




Clintons; Minimal selection.


sparkler candles clintons image 2; Broad variation of sparkler type and size.


sparkler candles clintons image 1


Price between Sparkler Candles Clintons and


When it comes to pricing, I anticipated that would be more expensive, given the specialist nature of the site. However, the opposite was true. The majority of products come in packs of 5 or 6 for under £2. This was a bargain compared to Clintons, who only offer 1 item for the same price. Considering the minimalist nature of the Clintons range, this was unfortunate.




Clintons; £2 per candle.

sparkler candles clintons image 3; Range of pricing, an average of 5/6 candles for £2.


sparkler candles clintons image 4


Quality Difference Between Sparkler Candle Clintons and


The quality of the products was incomparable. I had hoped that Clintons' sparklers would perform well, due to the luxury nature of the goods. I was, therefore, left very disappointed when one of my candles would not light, and another burnt out within seconds. In comparison, the candles from gave us a spectacular flame that even withstood strong outdoor winds. My guests were amazed by the longevity of the candles, as they were able to burn for a significant period.




Clintons; Disappointing performance.

sparkler candles clintons image 5; Flames were both high quality and long-lasting.


sparkler candles clintons image 6 

Accessibility Between Sparkler Candles Clintons and


Naturally, Clintons have an accessibility advantage over since they have in store options. However, I had to visit over 3 stores to find the candles I needed, with the online service failing to assist my search. Moreover, ordering online from Clintons was equally inefficient, as their deliveries took up to 5 days, without an option for speeding this up., despite the lack of in store options, provided a series of delivery options. This gave me the ability to order sparklers up to 24 hours before my event.


Clintons; Stores were poorly stocked, and deliveries took up to 5 days.; No in store options, but plenty of delivery options.



Reflecting on the categories above, it is clear that Clintons' candles cannot compare to that of I was distinctly disappointed by the quality of Clintons’ candles, as I had anticipated a luxury product given the price point of these sparklers and the lack of selection available., in comparison, offered an affordable and high-quality service.