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Blue Sparklers

Blue Glitz- Ice Fountain Sparklers 6" Inch Indoor Use (PACK OF 3)


7" Inch Blue Coated Sparklers Indoor Use (PACK OF 8)


Heart Shaped - 7" Inch Blue Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


Star Shaped - 7" Inch Blue Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


Number 0 - 7" Inch Blue Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


Number 1 - 7" Inch Blue Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


Number 2 - 7" Inch Blue Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


Number 3 - 7" Inch Blue Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


Number 4 - 7" Inch Blue Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


See our Blue Sparklers Info-graphic below:


Blue sparklers for fun and exciting celebrations!

Sparklers are one of the most popular types of pyrotechnics today. They can be used almost everywhere, they are safe and they emit sparkles that can beautify any event. Sparklers that are made today come in different colours. As we all know, people have different preferences when it comes to colours and that’s why manufacturers try to produce sparklers in every colour. One type of sparklers that is popular among people of all ages is blue sparklers. A blue sparkler can be used at any place and at any time because blue is a colour that symbolises many interesting things.

Every year, there are several moments in our lives when we want to feel special and to invite all the people that are close to us on a party. In addition, there are certain mutual celebrations where people gather to celebrate some holidays like New Year’s Eve. Thanks to the decorations and the sparkly sparklers, each celebration will be more memorable.

The benefits of using blue sparklers

Even though we live in a digital age, sparklers are still one of the most interesting items used by children. They use the sparklers as some sort of magic sticks or to write signs and symbols in the air. For those who don’t know. Sparklers have a long history that dates back to ancient times. People from China have enjoyed the sparkles emitted by these items for many centuries. This type of pyrotechnics had their ups and downs, but it looks like they are once again very popular and there is more than one reason for that. Of course, one of the things that make them attractive is the fact that they are available in many colours, patterns, styles and sizes. Many people are focused on choosing the right colour for their sparklers and we will tell you why our blue sparklers are so interesting.

Blue is the colour of the sea and the sky. This means that this colour is often linked to stability and deepness. It symbolizes loyalty, wisdom, trust, fait, truth and hope! It looks like all the things that we expect and experience during the celebrations we have mentioned before are reflected in this colour, so it is always a good idea to opt for blue sparklers.

Blue is used for many decorations on different types of parties and celebrations including birthdays and weddings. It is good for outdoor and indoor events and so is the blue sparklers offer found on Sparklers.co.uk. They create only a small amount of barely noticeable smoke and smell. There are hand-held sparklers and sparklers that can be placed on cakes or on the ground or wherever you want.

Buying blue sparklers

We have 7 Inch Blue Sparklers which are great for cakes. Our blue number sparklers make all ages we also have star shaped and heart shaped blue sparklers and the Blue ice fountain are great to give that fireworks effect on a cake which will make a great Birthday and Wedding Party.

Since blue sparklers are a real hit it is no wonder why there are so many different blue sparklers on the market. At Sparklers.co.uk we have the blue sparklers with the highest quality on the market. We provide sparklers made by premium brands like, British Bulldog Sparklers .