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14 Inch Sparklers – Experience True Fun With Sparklers

Nothing brings the excitement out of a group of people who are part of some celebration like a good pyrotechnic show. China is the first place in the world where these items were used right after the black powder was invented centuries ago. Of course, there are many different types of pyrotechnic products, but sparklers must be one of the most popular ones because they are interesting and practical. 14 inch sparklers are the favourite type of sparklers for many people and thanks to Sparklers.co.uk you can find the perfect 14 inch sparkler for your next special occasion.


Things you should know about 14 inch sparklers

People that lived more than 30 years ago lived much simpler lives because they didn’t have many choices. Almost every product that they wanted to buy came in limited versions. The same goes for sparklers. Back then, these special pyrotechnic products were available only in few different models and produced by a few manufacturers.

Luckily, we live in a world where we can select sparklers according to our personal requirements, desires and needs. 14 inch sparklers take a significant place in this offer. Those who are not familiar with the size of sparklers should know that the standard size of sparklers is usually between 7 and 10 inches. This means, that 14 inch sparklers are slightly longer or in some cases two times longer than the typical sparkler. Many sparkler manufacturers claim that the amount of time in which people can view the effects of their sparklers is not closely related to the size of the sparkler, the truth is that the longer the sparkler is the better. With the help of a 14 inch sparkler, you can rest assured that the exciting and fun display will last for few minutes.


14 Inch Sparklers Comes In the Middle

When it comes to shapes, styles and colours, the 14 inch sparklers are not different than the others. You can find many different 14 inch sparklers. Although you might be tempted to buy the first ones you find attractive, it is wiser to take the venue of the celebration into consideration. In case your special event has a specific theme or you have used decorations in specific colours you need to pay special attention.

Since people in the past have used sparklers only when they were young, some of them might be wondering where exactly they can use 14 inch sparklers and how they can help their event.

These sparklers with a specific size can be used in the same places and in the same way like all regular sparklers. For example, in case you are preparing a birthday party you can use these sparklers on the cake, next to the tables or for the reception. Since they are longer than usual sparklers, you don’t have too many sparklers.


Choosing the right 14 inch sparklers

There are many sparkler suppliers in the UK, but Sparklers.co.uk is one of the rare ones that provide quality 14 inch sparklers and other types of sparklers. The sparklers we have are from the top British sparkler brands.

We have the following in stock of 14 Inch Sparklers - Gold, Coloured and Crackling. These make great Party, Birthday and Wedding Sparklers.

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