Wedding Sparklers definitely make the wedding ceremony more exciting. It makes the wedding exit more special with everyone waving sparklers as the bride and groom leave. Great photos or can be taken using sparkling. But it seems to be an intimidating task to choose the right sparklers for your wedding, with so many types on the market. Sparklers are available in different sizes along with different colours and special effects. Now what is your sparklers size to choose? 10 " sparklers are available and also the 18 " sparklers and many in between. You can get your wedding sparklers at a reasonable price from our website where we offer Bulk Buy Sparklers. Let's see how sparkler timings can be made more special by different sizes.


18-inch sparklers

This is currently the largest sparklers on offer. In general, the burn time of the sparklers is quite long and is around 1 minute 40 seconds. The sparklers come in a plain grey coating. The typical Gold Effect Sparkles are used in weddings. It is best to use these sparklers when you have a good number of guests, (100 to 400) which will allow you enough time to arrange guests and light the sparklers, while you still have time to have the ideal wedding break with the photographer, taking pictures of you with the sparklers.


14-inch sparklers

These wedding sparklers are ideal for a smaller or more compact wedding when the number of guests is smaller. These sparklers are very valuable and have a superb effect. Since the 18-inch sparklers are too long to space with too much spread, those 14-inch sparklers can be used for the same purpose. It's burn time is about 1 minute. It is thus ideal for 10 to 50 guests.


Other sparkler sizes

There are also smaller sparklers with the following burn time:

16-inch sparklers  : 1 minute 30 seconds

10-inch sparklers : 1 minute

7-inch sparkles : 40 seconds

4-inch sparklers : 20 seconds

They sparklers come in packs 4 to 10 so giving them out amongst the guests are much easier. They are also more appropriate for children's photos and fun. When you want to use the sparklers for the wedding, consider having one sparkler per guest, and a few extra because usually more guests turn up.  

Where to buy sparklers in the UK

We offer excellent sparklers at a reasonable price compared to other stores all across the United Kingdom. Ordering them online is the best way as not many stores stock sparklers throughout the year.

Sparklers will really add a lot of value to your wedding ceremony. Your guests will be super-excited to have them lit during the wedding exit. You will have some awesome photographs that will remain for you to cherish forever in your life. Have sparklers for your guests and have some beautiful photographs of them as well. The kids will be super happy and your wedding will turn into a wonderful memory. It is your wedding day and why not making it really special with these amazing sparklers.

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