Discover the magic of Top 10 Fireworks of 2019 and illuminate your festivals or a special occasion such as a wedding ceremony or birthday party or other types of celebrations. Let us go through some of the most unique and great fireworks of 2019. There is a lot of novelties when fireworks are concerned and the options are in plenty. You can have low smoke or smokeless fireworks which are ideal for indoor use; sparkling candles for your birthday or wedding cakes; crackling sparklers or bangers fireworks or black cat fireworks and many more. Go for the firework packs of your choice.

  1. Sparklers


Sparklers are brilliant and are an essential decoration accessory for all celebrations. There are different verities available such as cake sparklers, colour coated sparklers, crackling sparklers, food safe sparklers, gold effect sparklers, heart-shaped sparklers, letter sparklers, indoor sparklers, long sparklers and mini sparklers, and other variants.

  1. Banger Fireworks


These are very old fireworks made of rolled paper and gun powder is stuffed inside. Once lit, they need to be thrown away from the shooter and produces a bang sound.

  1. Black Cat Fireworks


The most incredibly beautiful outdoor shows are produced by this brand of firework that emits radiant colours and takes many forms. Black cat fireworks are a brand that delivers all the radiant fireworks.

  1. Catherine Wheel Fireworks


When we discuss Catherine wheel fireworks or simply wheel fireworks, as commonly known to people, the wheel is constructed of plastic or paperboard disks and has several thrusters which usually appear like rockers within the disk. Not each one of these rockets is ignited simultaneously. Thus when the first of the rocker goes off it offers thrust to spin the wheel.

  1. Firework Cakes


With no doubt, fireworks may produce incredible experiences for those who are a part of a celebration or special event. Modern day technology has enabled manufacturers to create an enormous array of fireworks. Firework cake is one such exciting creation where it offers pyrotechnic displays. It is made of various tubes made of cardboard and connected to each other with each tube typically packed with a single shot. The shooter does not need to ignite every single tube individually as they are connected to a fuse placed inside the cake.

  1. Firework Mines


As mentioned earlier, the number of diverse fireworks is absolutely impressive. The firework mines are special in the sense that they demonstrate their content uniquely. Rather than awaiting different displays, everything is released in a kind of explosion at once, unlike the candle and fountain fireworks where they show gradual display.

  1. Fountain Fireworks


Fountain fireworks are generally placed on the ground and renowned for their continuous spark emission. This line of flashes created by ground-level fountain fireworks is generally noiseless. If you wish to liven things up a little and you have no problem with strong sound effects, then you may even choose fountain sparklers with whistling and crackling sounds.

  1. Firework packs


You definitely need fireworks packs if you want to organise any special event or party. These fireworks can create effects for over 15 minutes and will amuse your guests, relatives, and friends. The companies usually choose some fireworks with common properties and make a single pack out of them. You could expect amazing firework shows from these packs.

If you wish to take full advantage of the firework packs, you should choose a pack that focuses on the standard of the products in it. Avoid rushing and buying the pack with the maximum range of fireworks, as the display definitely won't be very memorable if they don't complement one another.

  1. Missile Fireworks


A missile firework is a kind of firework that releases tiny, self-propelled projectiles which usually create a powerful whistling sound and blow up high in the skies. Many believe there is no difference between missile fireworks and the rocket fireworks, but they are different in the sense that in contrast to rockets, missile fireworks do not require a stick to move in the proper direction. In fact, they make use of various things to find the right way. A few of them rotate while some use fine-shaped stabilizers. A few of them are directly shot from a pipe or tube. One more interesting thing about these fireworks is that many of them develop a sort of missile barrage that goes up one by one in the sky.

  1. Roman Candles


The fireworks such as Roman candles can certainly make your special celebration or event even livelier. They are great for event planners wanting to boost the mood of the participants and generate an amazing ambience. This unique fireworks type is very famous as it is practically noiseless, has a fantastic display and is also great for the environment. People may be assured that they are using totally safe fireworks when Roman candle fireworks are concerned. Obviously, you must abide by some basic recommendations and everything will be fine.

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