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Perhaps it is the fire that illuminates the place; perhaps it is guests' excitement, waving gently the sparklers in the night sky. In whatever way, you will love to have a happy marriage ending with sparkling receptions! Use different sparklers such as wedding sparklers, or personalised sparkler cover tags sleeves to enlighten your marriage day events. We have some essential safety guidelines and best- use guidelines for a stunning (and safe) great escape if you hope to get a sparkling grand finished after a day. Read what you just have to know for the perfect grand sparklers exit! Have Big...

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Want to make your weddings or Independence Day celebrations more glamorous and fun? Try to spark them up by using gold sparklers on your lucky occasion. They Are Trending — Again Gold sparklers have always been a trending tool in our society for some years. However, before they weren’t much favoured because of their harmful effects. Now, at least they are being used around on special occasions like weddings or other special events. Before, not everybody was familiar with pyrotechnics but now many know their basics and the details so new products have been introduced in the form of gold...

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Picture this: You wake up and go downstairs or out of your room. There on the table is your favourite cake with the right amount of frosting and decorations etc. Then everyone yells a huge and loud “surprise”, you’re happy and then you blow your candles, make a wish and cut your cake. Next time the same thing happens, suddenly the whole scenario loses its spark, it’s fun. And you’re no longer as excited as you usually were. And how would you be? You see and experience the same thing repeatedly, be that with your friends or your family or...

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Have you ever felt like something is missing when you’re hosting an event at your home or a dinner or a birthday party or anything at all? Do you feel the need to produce some crackle? OR that one spark needed to just wrap the event into perfection? Well if you are any one of the above mentioned sapiens then we have just the thing you need for your moments: Indoor sparklers! Indoor Sparklers Indoor Sparklers are just the spark you need for your event to go perfectly. They are fun to play with and easy to use. They aren’t...

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See below what surprise Anita is yet to receive this week at work. Her work colleagues have purchased thank you personalised tags with free sparklers to show their appreciation.  The Message says " Anita Thank You For Being a Shining Star " I hope goes well for the surprise. xx

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