Star Shaped Sparkler & Other Sparkler Sizes and Buying Guide

Dazzling lights, twinkling nights, amidst an extravagant wedding celebration- if you are seeking a few tips on how to gain extra points as you attend a wedding event, here’s the quick know-how for the same.

Sparklers add that special zing to a festival, event, or celebration. Below is a quick guide of various sparklers one can easily relate to and add them to their shopping cart for the next special event marked on their calendars.


Identification of Sparkler Sizes and Buying Guide

Star Shaped Sparklers

Sparklers come in various shapes and sizes. The magnanimous effect exuded by these sparklers is truly praiseworthy. A high-quality star-shaped sparkler is available at a myriad of sizes, esp., 3.5” x 3.5”. Light up your star-shaped sparkler and enjoy that ecstatic moment when the bright, colourful sprinkle of firework brightens up space. Weddings, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, etc. are some of the best reasons to purchase and use these sparklers star shaped sparklers.


Several local stores or fireworks places offer the customer with an array of sparkler options. A selection of sparklers may be available as a single unit of a bulk buy option. When on one hand a cake sparkler resonates with the birthday party mood, a letter or number sparkler adds that magical quotient to the environment on the other. Given the enormous range of sparklers available in the marketplace, the sizes play a pivotal role in being a relatable product in parties of different nature. Available sizes are 7”, 10”, and 16” and 18" (inches) respectively. As one size doesn’t fit all, the range of sparklers and their different sizes have a different story to tell altogether.

Sparklers for Wedding

A beautifully conceptualized wedding event echoes out loud and needs no formal introduction. Sparklers for wedding used by guests emanates celebrations and happiness to commemorate a new beginning in the lives of the bride and the groom. Fireworks outlets, whole sellers, or e-commerce platforms have several options for the buyer to choose from. Some of the dynamic size options the sparkler range has to offer its purchaser include- 7 cm, 10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm, so on and so forth. During weddings, one can easily notice some stand-out sparklers like the premium gold-effect sparkle, that adds to the wedding exit in the most alluring way possible.

18 inch sparklers

The rendezvous of an engaging party night and an 18 inch sparklers is quite grand in itself. Trying out these sparklers are just an experience in itself. Meeting the standards of a conventional sparkling stick, the 18 inch sparklers are just a more compact version of the original ones.

A sparkler is not just an item but offers the user with a moment to cherish. Do you have a birthday party, wedding, graduation ceremony, or any of such grand events to attend in the near future? Look no further! Visit our website and make a purchase from a plethora of colourful, and vivacious sparklers where each sparkler has the capacity to burn up to 3.5 minutes. Burn these sparklers and enchant your host with creative patterns on the air. Use these enigmatic sparklers to capture some of the most innovative moments and presto! You have an amazing display of pictures of the most memorable night.